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Is Net Neutrality a Big Deal? – Thiojoe Answers

Is Net Neutrality is a Big Deal?

ThioJoe feels Net Neutrality is a big deal.
What do you think about this subject?
You may wonder what the writer/owner of this website thinks about Net Neutrality?

If a person or company inquired, these assessments/statements below would come from an IT professional viewpoint.

These are just two thoughts that came to my mind several years ago when this discussion (seems like it is never ending) began.

1) WHAT REALLY are the benefits for bringing up this control topic? It also helps to see WHO stones are used to balance the scales, so to speak.
2) Is this REALLY a serious problem, or should the final research/debate on this topic be thrown into this category?
“If it is not broken, then don’t try to fix it.”

Think tanks and Decision makers use years of experience to know when to say when. Or as the expression goes, be careful, you may throw the baby out with the bath water.

Question for the Perceptive Readers: Can you illustrate a time when someone touched something or a situation that was proof to facts working well(probably even great) at the time, then it fell apart?
It is like shaking too much salt on food; better to be light-handed with the salt dispenser, than heavy handed. Inasmuch, the naturally grown flavor of fruits and vegetables will always be preferred(better) to the palate and health of the body, than a mismeasurement (mismanagement) of salt.

Thiojoe illustrates further why he states: Without Net Neutrality… The Internet Is Over

Is Net Neutrality a Big Deal? Hope This is a PSA on Net Neutrality is informative for you.
Thiojoe stated in the video what you could do next to share your views about net neutrality to allow your voice to be heard. Of course, it is your decision; it is your choice.

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