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Is it the Human or Alien Race?

This article is to describe in observation the words’ connotation effect of race and racism.

When a lot of people use the word race today, does it leave you with a negative connotation?
It is like when people say Black, White, Asian, and Brown race; whatever the statement may be, by adding the word race at the end, instead of just saying color, it impugns that different colors are a different species altogether; subpar at that.

Inasmuch, when the word race is singled out with one color, some project all the colors in human kind today are so genetically and fundamentally diverse, that people of different colors are different species all together. Is this accurate?
How does God feel about this issue?

The next time you hear the word race, analyze the way it is being used. Does it leave you feeling that all the beautiful colors of people are a part of the wonderfully created Human Race?
There are different cultural and spirituality teachings of people, yes. Such teachings pertain to the hearts and minds of people. However, does the culture of people make them a different race all together?

As emphasized in each paragraph, separating the word race from human, is sometimes used to give a negative or subpar connotation. Who would ever want to be misled by the use of this word in such a negative way?

*To help further. God’s view is provided below.

God is not partial, but in every nation the man that fears him and works righteousness is acceptable to him.​—Acts 10:34, 35.

“It is disrespectful to consider those of another nation to be inferior to people in one’s own country. More than that, such an attitude indicates an ignorance of the facts. The publication The Races of Mankind states: “The races of mankind are what the Bible says they are​—brothers.” Brothers are often quite different, but they are brothers nonetheless. Of course, no matter where we reside, foreigners live among us. That was also the case with the ancient Israelites, who by means of the Law covenant were in a special relationship with Jehovah God. The rights of non-Israelites were somewhat limited, yet the Israelites were required to treat them respectfully and fairly. What a fine example for us to follow! There is no room for partiality or prejudice among true Christians.”

More Holy Bible Scriptural references for Acts 10:34 and 35 are at JW.ORG.  Publishers of the Watchtower and Awake magazines.

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