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Interesting Facts on Being an Introvert

Interesting people. The world is full of interesting humans, and you are one of them. Sometimes a person can go through life and not come to terms with the way they are to find out how to attribute this image ]emotionally and physically made up. We are getting to the introvert subject but please keep your audience with me further.

How we feel with all our emotions affects your body physically. How you take care of your body’s health will also affect your mood.

This is not a post on mind and body health education but. What it helps to provide insight on is why persons are sometimes vilified even when they have tender hearts. It is an uphill battle at times for introverts way more than what people know.


Hey Little Ones, here is a 1, 2 for you.

There are two friends. (1 not even half the age of another) The younger knew the older one his whole life. They were sitting in a car about to search out good contacts.

The older friend looked over at the younger one about to tell him some news but noticed the younger was rolling some idea around in his mind.

Older friend, “Oh, you are thinking, I will leave you be.”

Younger friend, “No, it’s all right tell me.”

Older friend, “I admire how you can just jump from one subject or question like that when you are always thinking. I am always thinking too but have trouble doing that.”

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Younger friend, “The difference between you and me is I am always thinking; you are always meditating.”

Note: 1) This is also why Introverts often times show a  consciousness of particular environments.

2) This also helps to know why direct communication is best with people. When you are not sure about something, it is best to ask. Why take offense? You may find it is a misunderstanding on one or both sides. And here it is you both wish the best for one another.  🙂

Enjoy the infographic by Dr. Carmella and Schroeder Jones –  Point number one (which is not shown here)  to this describes Introversion.

How to interact with the introvert

Understand how an introvert feels and ways to help them.





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