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Information Technology Will Not Go Away

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When it comes to Information Technology, for the most part, it never concerned me whether people chose to use it or not. Caveat: Only when I had to work with someone and in order to accomplish a task the job specifically required the use of such a tool. – It is what it is.

Still, over the years, some people who have reveled in not using the technology of the day have found themselves unable to accomplish what would now be considered basic tasks in the work place.

How many businesses can you apply for a job today that doesn’t require you to use a computer for data accuracy and speed? The preferred and only method for faxes in some environments is to use the computer or send an e-mail.

It is no longer a plus to mention Information Technology or computer skills on a job application, but in many cases  considered a required skill.

Should a person ‘bury their heads in the sand’ to the information (pun intended) mentioned above?

Information Technology is here to stay and will be used in the future in unfathomable ways.

Therefore, like with any subject in the school curriculum, be sure to do your best.

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