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Information Technology – The Minds and Functions Behind IT

Information Technology- How it works

Men and women who develop software will say it involves coding or programs. While IT specialist who provides support for end users will say it involves hardware and software. What kinds of hardware and software? Go to a knowledgeable pre-teen today and they will give you a list of informative answers.

Jenny says iPhones. Tommy says Xbox. Parents join in with saying computers, networks, and routers. We cannot leave out the television, radios and satellites. All these components send/receive digital imagery and sound great distances in the blink of an eye!

Information Technology has a purpose to make daily tasks easier for us. Inasmuch, to accomplish feats beyond our physical and communication reach. The word efficiency comes to mind, does it not? At least this is the goal, minus the learning curve. Still, in observation of information technology, it breaks down into three integral parts.

Lets keep it simple by concentrating on the digital age of computing and the way it communicates with other computers.

Code (Scripting/writings)
These writings turn 0 = off and 1= On binary numbers into readable commands. Yes, you read 2 numbers or 2 digits. The completed/compiled result is called software. How’s that for simplification? Programmers/developers do not have to write zeros and ones the enumerable times it would take to create software. This is why programmers use the correct syntax (Rules for writing code) belonging to computer languages that the computer can read. No matter what method a programmer/developer uses (C, C++, Java, etc…) the end result has a list of commands structured in an orderly manner to work on the designated device.

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Housing Unit
Devices come in different shapes and sizes. These physical components hold the compiled coding/programming or software in them.

Power comes from generators and solar rays. This power moves all these commands into action. Like the Laws of Physics, unless something impedes the connections, you will get the programmed results every time.


Bad coding (bugs) will impede results.

Defective housing units impede results.

Absence of power impede results

When one of your devices is no longer working and you say “this dumb thing never works,” figure out why?

Try these steps

1. The physical housing unit

Has the device been dropped? Are the cables connected? Are there peripherals like a USB universal serial bus drive connected that should not be? Try to remember when the problem started and if it matches with the time you moved or physically changed something on your device. Home networked printers are now connected by cables and wirelessly. Be sure to view wireless connections too. Make sure all connections are turned on.

Unique Note : The same way the dog eats school homework, the dog also moves around these devices. So check your devices for Fido’s tampering.

2. Software

When you receive error messages on your device, 9 times out of 10 it will be a software problem. This includes configuration settings. However, the “Blue Screen of Death” defies such claims in Windows operating system computers due to the reason malfunctions can be caused by installing hardware and software additions to the computer. Some of the errors will be cryptic. Still, developers that are following best practices provide numerical error codes with the message. Be sure to write the numbers down. You may not understand the message, but the event number for the error provides additional information for the troubleshooter.

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A Knowledge Base provides causes and solutions to these problems. Other than the original vendors, there are helpful communities filled with more than 1 million technology users and professionals. Can you name a few to join?

Information Technology is a powerful tool in this digital age that is accomplishing much to help people. There are unfathomable ways of using this tool being developed every day. There is an unlimited amount of power in the universe! What minds will write the scripts to produce the software that will open more windows into the future. Your thoughts today, could be the one implementing helpful Information Technology in the tomorrow.

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