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Information Technology Culture Volume III

The Information Technology Culture Volume III covers IT subjects that have been applicable for some time. These articles written by the POCbooks author are only featured at the “Geek Brain Dump” website. If you happen to view these articles on another website, just send an e-mail to [email protected]

1) The topic on HTML learning for teenagers you will find helps young and old alike to feel comfortable with the language. Excerpt: Information Technology can be intimidating even when the desire is there, but then you look at the source code of an average web page.  For instance, with a web browser… READ MORE —> Teenagers Interested in Learning HTML-You will like this Book

2) Google in many ways made the Internet what it is today. Different opinions range from “I love Google!” to “Google is ‘Big Brother.’” Whatever category you fall into, it is a tool all the same that is here for this era. Excerpt: Technology enables us to reach many others in a matter of seconds that in all the years before now would have taken hours and years to reach a large amount of people. Which is faster, to send an e-mail to 10 people…READ MORE —> Google Plus+ Sharing Your Investment

3) This software played an important role in securing the common users’ data. Were you one of the technical users that shook your head when you heard this the TrueCrypt software would no longer be around and updated. This is a 2 part article about the benefits of the software that are now lost to all. Excerpt: You do not want your bright and hard worked on ideas stolen! Very sad to say, it happens. The same goes for people writing out the drafts of their books. In the same line of thought, all data that could result in financial loss or identity theft that is stored on the computer…READ MORE —> The TrueCrypt Encryption Era – Security and Peace of Mind Part 2

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4) Excerpt: HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the default and still taught programming language for internet webpages. Before moving on to other languages, it really helps in the long run to get the basics down first… READ MORE —> HTML Programming – Instructional Video by Eli

5) People are interested in knowing how decisions are made for the populace in the use of the Internet. This article reports on a few of the ways the FCC comes to its decisions. Excerpt: The FCC has used closely followed processes (principles) for years to guide the agency in making decisions that would protect the public’s safety while allowing communications accessibility. You most likely appreciate how this approach does not stifle innovation…READ MORE —> FCC The Federal Communications Commission and Open Internet

Read on now to the concluding thoughts for Information Technology Culture Volume III.

The Paradigm of the IT Culture

I have shared with people from the beginning that Information Technology is here to stay. It is no longer for a select few of the people who were sometimes given the designation of being called a nerd. Yes, it was a time when people expected only nerds to have an understanding in the world of geeks. Now the young and the old are able to use information technology tools that can save them time and energy when used properly. In your wise use of technology, what benefits has IT brought you?

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