In the Name of Love-Thank You Facing West

In the Name of Love-Facing West

In the name of Love don’t you just love Facing West new music video song?

Notice what Ron had to say about Sydney & Caitlin.

These young ladies write songs. They sing songs. They play the guitar and ukulele. Now lo and behold Caitlin has placed her talented hands on a piano! Yes, I’m through, just happily through! Quite a few know the piano is my favorite instrument.

Before introducing Facing West’s new cover music there is just something I would like to share with you at this moment.

Equation of Purpose – Poetry

In seeing the quicksand you leaped into action to pull her to safety
When you felt his burning anger you bravely did not retreat

Some feel it takes a certain type of personality to place a warm blanket around another cold person.
To offer food to the hungry and a willingness to wash their feet.

Does it take a scientist to explain chemistry and genetics?
Does it take a professor’s lecture on biology?
Is there a Mathematics Educator around to sum it all up?

A common person may never cross such paths
But what this common person has been told and this much is true
A person that knows love will eventually be given everything needed

Don’t ignore the downtrodden
Your heart will always be uplifted
Don’t ignore the cry for help
Your whimpers at night will also be heard.
Focus on the person in the mirror
Your mental outlook will become clearer

Why do all these things when there is no monetary gain involved?
When we do it in the name of love our heart’s abundance of good things become immeasurable.

Therefore keep looking beyond the surface.
Love shows us that higher purpose

In the Name Of Love

Here is Facing West’s Music Cover (Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha)

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In the Name of Love



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