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Imane Reviews Life and Times of Baby Lucas

Welcome to the Life and Times of Baby Lucas!

Imane Reviews Life and Times of Baby Lucas

Here is a Perceptive Readers walk down memory lane. A student, back in the year of 2012, read The Life and Times of Baby Lucas and sent me what she had thought of book 1.
It has been a desire of mine to write more Lucas’ books within a window frame of time; so to speak. I also was pleased to complete book two last year.

Will there be more? Well, I will not comment too much on the answer except to say this.

It is up to you perceptive readers (or publishers), etc. that are still looking for raw (need some polishing) or hidden talent on the face of this earth. I have always been resolved to stay content whether my stories are placed on the pages of a book to make a parent, personalities, or child smile for that day or whether they remain in my thoughts to share every now and then over coffee.

Hope you enjoy Imane’s thoughts. She was a teenager at the time with a 4.0 GPA. She has continued her studies into the fields of science.  I’m happy she is not too busy to send me a hello throughout the years. Kind regards to you and thank you Imane!

Why I Enjoyed Reading The Life and Times of Baby Lucas-Book Review By Imane (Student) – Year April 2012

Why I appreciated ‘The Life and Times of Baby Lucas’-Book Review. By Imane A.

The reason why I appreciated this book: “The Life and Times of Baby Lucas”

It is because I get to read about a baby’s feelings, and this shows our personal feelings in our own childhood. It shows our true and pure impressions and emotions.

Mr. James, in this book, tries to show us the real feelings of a baby who’s called Lucas in different stages:

  • In his mother’s womb
  • In his mother’s arms
  • Between members of the family and friends
  • At times, the baby gets nervous and confused because of what’s happening around him. He doesn’t feel so safe when his mother goes away and he’s not really happy with his new friends.

While reading this story, you will be taken by it! Because every single word is true, it’s what everyone of us felt when we were kids. We were afraid and anxious about small details. That’s our nature. We were born weak, scared, and wanting our parents’ attention after everything; trusting them more than anybody else. Let’s find out more about The Life and Times of Baby Lucas!

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