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Imagine Dragons – Believer – Facing West Breaking it Down!

Imagine Dragons – Believer – Facing West Breaking it Down!

The dynamic Facing West, Caitlin and Sidney, ladies band is an integral musical feature of the POCBOOKS website. Their musical culture includes country and popular hits in a broad spectrum. Their stylus creates great poetry and songs with each line.

Imagine Dragons - Believer - Facing West Breaking it Down!

Imagine Dragons – Believer – Facing West Breaking it Down!

Facing West composes a musical rendering and backdrop to Imagine Dragons’ “Believer” that will stir your soul and mental faculties to comprehend something about pain. Or at the very least think about its effects. As you listen to the insightful and pleasing voices of these young ladies, will you be able to express the outcome of this Believer? Take the intellect of the mind, your heart will follow closely with the singing, now on this journey with Facing West! Enjoy!

Imagine Dragons – Believer – Facing West Breaking it Down!

How about that song from Facing West? There is physical and emotional pain people suffer. Which one is the song “Believer” addressing?

Understanding Your Reason for Feeling the Pain

Did you say emotional pain?

Note this one definition and usage in a sentence example for Pain from Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Acute mental or emotional distress or suffering:  grief
The pain she had felt at those humiliating words — Morley Callaghan

From the sentence example, if you are purposely, note keywords, intentionally or systematically being mistreated by a person sometimes only you will be able to decide this. A nonbenign gnawing pain could be an indicator.

Moving On From The Hurt

There are people in many cultures who try to work with anyone and make it a practice to give forgiveness and spread peace. So, if this is you (smiling), you often can forgive innumerable times a person who intentionally hurts you.

Note:  There is a time for everything. Due to the nature of the damage, and the time needed to recover from such mistreatment that will not stop or has become personally difficult; you are within your right to exit the situation and seek peace elsewhere.

These are thoughts people have also contemplated by reading the “Good Book.”

*You may decide not to place your pearls or good/valuable things before someone who does not appreciate them. He or she will hurt you by breaking them.

– How important is your mental and spiritual health?

– How valuable are your emotions?
Yes, the song Believer is a tuneful contemplation of a woman or man’s life that has gone through a wind storm of emotional hurt, all the while learning what they needed to know and then made progress afterward. “The ability to work through the pain and make decisions to keep moving towards a life goal.”

Work Place Culture & Experience: When it comes to professionalism and business you need partnerships with someone who is just as interested in you being able to make a living or profit too. Mutual sensitivities for each other needs bring benefits for both parties and loyalty. Do you value honorable business practices? Of course you do!

Where Can I Listen to more from Facing West?

Imagine Dragons – Believer – Facing West Breaking it Down! – Websites
LISTEN on Spotify  http://bit.ly/Believer_FW
iTunes  http://bit.ly/Believer_FW_apple

You can also check for their Stageit show events on their Facebook page but also here at the Product of Culture website.

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