Humans Treat One another with Dignity

Humans Treat One another with Dignity not like some ways reported here today.

Thank you for being interested in my explanation. It was during the weekend of June 5 -7, 2020 when I was motivated to share the following presentation due to the events that happened in May and June. Events that affected the world and myself.

Humans Treat One Another With Dignity Notice it is called:
They (Humans) Still Care

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Humans Treat One another with Dignity Part B

If the following presentation is featured, did you enjoy it? At least you still have the documentaries and music videos listed where you are able to look them up on your own time with a nice beverage.

Now on to the subject that involves straight talk in typing form. The reason for the following statements made will become obvious right away. Basically, has been damaged for years to such an extent that it at times have been overtaken. What does this mean?

  1. Posts that were made by me were edited, damaged (including links) or deleted.
  2. Though my podcasts are very much capable of lucratively thriving, the intruders have siphoned the traffic to non-existence droplets.
  3. Ebooks have been hijacked through corporate espionage and insiders; with the help of some hosting providers staff at times.
  4. Personal and cloud servers — the same as the above three points.
  5. Social Media channels like Twitter, YouTube, and Minds — the same as the above three points.

From time to time, I’ve referenced these internet criminal acts on the Perceptive Readers Podcast for a couple of reasons. One because, sometimes these are the first and only steps you have when attacks happen on this level.

And two, because I have been asked from my audience as well at times to help them to understand what is going on, even when it comes with elevated passion!

The Expressing of Facts on Social Media June 7, 2020

Listen carefully. Because you are not going to dangle some justice carrot in front of me to let this man keep hacking my account.

Seriously, all of you. Every single one of you who has authority but want to keep watching this. You keep doing it and from this point on, I’m going to post a video of the people you are working with to gaslight every single day. Grow your channel you will.

Who wants a leader who has to hack and steal from people to get and maintain his power. Also, sound wise and like he is an angel of light but really is the opposite. Wake up.

Either way, if you don’t stop it, God will one day, and that is a promise from him. Meanwhile, I’m still going to let the people know who some of these persons are. How they gain knowledge and money by misleading people.

Oh and all you enlighten ones who are so brave by not saying ‘there is no True God.’ You try to act so enlighten like you are not a religious(religion) spiritual leader. I tell you today, YOU ARE.

Trying to say, “I am not like all those religions you see.” I am just a guide etc. Well let me ask you these questions.

What is the origin of your meditative practices you do every day and promote to others?

2) Also, why are you so adamant in trying to convert others not to believe in a True God but believe solely in yourself?

Sounds like a preaching and teaching work of conversion to me.

3) Not to God mind you, but to the flawed condition of a man himself. Or some other neon creation.

4) Why does this need to be made clear? Well, according to some of your beliefs, it allows you to treat other men, women, and children in horrendous ways, because you are a God; oh flawed man you!

5) Don’t you know every (mystical/spiritual)God has its worshipers on this earth or a ritual (religion) way of communicating his/her desired wishes. And what do you do when people don’t abide by your wishes? (chuckle) Hack their computers etc with your power.

With that said, there is a True Religion for The True God you have such a distaste for.

I said it before and it is still a FACT, “the plot/pit you dig for others, you/yourselves will fall into it.”

Let me say this again. It is a fact

Ah with that said, look at the Home page this week. As the gas lighters come out, should I not show them to you? Chuckle, So you can follow their narrative that confuses the public with their double speak?

Nah, I won’t. (chuckle) There are other neat things planned, if I can just keep typing and posting with someone’s Matrix God Like power will stop changing my posts and writings. No joke this is all they do every day. When you face this, you often have to write in short sentences.

Because they are always changing something. Now imagine trying to write a novel. You would never get through with it. Or many things are deleted or changed. – FACT and Experience

Now, with all that said. God knows, there are some neat/awesome things still planned for 2020. I had to change my plans on certain orders of the way things would be done. Still, if by God’s grace/blessing he smiles on then it will succeed! – Best regards

Humans Treat One another with Dignity. End of Statement. Thanks for caring and sharing