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Recently, with students out for summer break, I’ve been looking for teaching tools that will help teenagers who are seriously interested in developing their skills in the Information Technology world.HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the default and still taught programming language for internet webpages. Before moving on to other languages, it really helps in the long run to get the basics down first. You will accumulate knowledge in your brain that will be laid as a foundation for you to build on top of like a house of Information Technology knowledge. Oh, you may forget this or that, but you will not forget the basics for a long time.
It will take a long time to Forget These Things
Like I mentioned in the first heading, you should not forget the basic. Here is a brief list of the basics:
● How to identify the document
● How to add a comment and why
● How to turn tags on and off
● What is a Titled tag
● What is the Body tag
● What is the paragraph tag
Introduction to HTML Programming
Here to also help you, is a class taught by Eli the computer guy, syllabus if you will, that will help you to understand what I have noted above and more.
It is very helpful for many people to read a book on a subject and have an instructor at the same time for questions and encouragement. An additional reason why Eli the Computer Guy’s “Introduction to HTML Programming” video will benefit you is because he takes into consideration the questions you would most likely ask and teaches them as he goes along. He also teaches in a repetition for emphasis style.  The 1 hour and 38 minutes video link is below.

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