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How To Get Verified on Twitter

How To Get Verified on Twitter

The Twitter support page states: The blue verified badge on Twitter lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic.

For this reason, we will explore this subject on how to get verified on twitter in three parts. Note the following order of instruction and discussion.

How To Get Verified on Twitter

*Steps on How to Get Verified on Twitter

Why is this viewed as important?

My experience – Is pocbooks verified? Why or Why not?

Steps on How to Get Verified on Twitter

How to get Verified on Twitter

These are the official steps to make a request on Twitter. If you can verify and believe (keyword) who you are then these steps will help you to get the ball rolling on attaining the blue badge of verification.

As a company or brand, you need the following information:
– A bio

– Profile Photo and Header Photo

– A website and a confirmed e-mail address with the same domain name as the website. Twitter supports mentions: The email address associated with the account should be a company or organization email address.

– Verified Phone Number
– Tweets set as public

Requirements For Individual accounts
For Individual accounts, you are required to have all the information mentioned above for companies and brands in addition to 2 more items:

– A Birthdate
– To verify individual accounts that do not represent a company or organization, Twitter requires a copy of your official government-issued photo identification (e.g. passport or driver’s license)

You can read more on the subject of Twitter verification here


*Log into Twitter
*Go here to Twitter’s Request to Verify Account

https://twitter.com/verified  and select support.twitter.com/forms/verify



1. On the verification request form press continue.
2. Add/Confirm your username- Check box here if this is a company or brand or organization account. Press next.
3. Fill in the required information.
4. Enter 2 to 5 websites as references.
5. Explain why you should be verified.

Note this encouragement from Carlos Gil – How to Get Verified on Twitter in 2017

Why is this Twitter verification viewed as important?

In a nutshell, it lets people and companies know you are a legitimate brand, company, or personality in the following occupations or expertise:

  • Music
  • Acting
  • Fashion
  • Government
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Journalism
  • Media
  • Sports
  • Business

Personal Experience With This Process- How To Get Verified on Twitter

Over the past year and a half,(and more years without this official process) I’ve tried this process around every three months or so. My recent e-mail/letter of denial was August 11, 2017.
The official denial email from Twitter goes like this:

Thanks for your request to verify_________
We reviewed the account, and unfortunately it is not eligible to be verified at this time. Please visit our Help Center for more information about the types of accounts we verify.

In the past year or so, I’ve submitted different website articles, bio description, and valid reasons why pocbooks should be verified with a blue checked mark badge. For your example, I have provided what I submitted to them on August 9/10 2017.

Websites entries

Occupation & Functions

The Product of Culture aka POCBOOKS website that you will find unique in the ways of articles, audio/books, videos, musicians and more! author & Owner James Lynch Jr. Also the “Perceptive Readers Podcast” I sell my books on line. I am also a Social Media and Events Manager

Reason for verification request
There are similar pocbooks in spelling on twitter and other websites. People get my business brand mixed up often with (Poc Book Lists)
See examples
1) twitter  POCBooking
2) twitter POC
3)  (Poc Book Lists)

In conclusion, the Twitter verification is a strict process. It may be so strict that even when a company or brand provides everything that is requested, it may still take several tries. If or when @pocbooks is verified (after 30 days you can try again) I will be sure to make an addendum to this post notifying all of you Perceptive Readers of the success.

In the meantime, there is a positive feeling that some of you will be verified by following the instructions above.

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