How Sake is Made — It is Fascinating

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Julien Miquel has done it again with this interesting report on how Sake is made I just had to share with you this documentary on YouTube by him.

Can you say, Sake is a Product of Culture? You better believe I will say it for you! Nothing like some good Sake. It is one of those drinks I enjoy in restaurants  every now and then. – Enjoy this fascinating travel experience, J.L.

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Inside a Japanese Sake Brewery

Julien Miquel:

Visiting Sake breweries in Japan, I discovered and shared in this video how this fin Japanese beverage is made from rice in an acient yet also now modern tradition, a careful craft take with extreme meticulousness by the varied brewers around the varied provinces of the japanese islands.

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How to Serve Sake?

You will read at Fine DInning Lovers that this drink sales are on their way up.  Sake is described in taste from elegant to smooth. Speaking for the Product of Culture website, I have to say that I do agree. Some Sake will cause you to search for a quick sip of water as a chaser, while others will have you say out loud, “The bottle is gone already?”  It was your friend who drank it all… Nevermind you were actually dinning by yourself. Maybe the container was not filled to the right size? Yea, that’s it. The container was not filled to the right size!

I hope you appreciate this infographic from Fine Dinning Lovers for the different cup sizes.

Julien Miquel’s credentials:

Sharing wine knowledge and finding wine gems from around the world. Join the fun as I visit wineries, review wines and share the experience. Qualified winemaker trained in Bordeaux and based in France, WSET Diploma graduate, I traveled the world making fine wine for over 15 years before founding the award-winning wine blog Social Vignerons.