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Horses are Magnificent Animals

“Horses are magnificent animals!” Equestrians will not argue with you there. Domesticated creatures become our friends and show us so much about appreciation. Some people will also tell you they teach us about value. 

Horses are magnificent animals

A horse’s worth. In case you have not enjoyed the chance to personally get to know a horse by name, here are a couple thoughts from young equestrians and professionals who do know them by name. You will learn something new, I guarantee it.

Look for Gracie, Lauren(interview), and Rick’s websites and videos in these articles. These articles also relate the responsibilities and treatment of horses. How to improve on your friendship with them, if you will.

Horses like Dale have personalities

An equestrian channel worth checking out


When I reminisce about some of life’s simple pleasures that meant a lot, riding a horse is one of them. 

There are so many areas in life that enhance our contentment and happiness; horses contribute to this fine state of mind like a fine wine.  Did I just encourage drinking and riding a horse?  After a cocktail or two, some old cowboys may tell you about the time they fell off the horse; and the horse was standing still. 

 So take my expressions with smiling results; horses are one of nature’s masterpiece of creation who don’t mind residing close to humans, while sharing their intrinsic power, freedom, and dignity with us. 

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