Honoring You Poem of Appreciation

Honoring you poem of appreciation

Author: James Lynch Jr

There are times a parent Honors a child.

A child Honors a parent.

A friend Honors a friend

Colleagues Honors a colleague

Mates Honor One another

We speak the word Cherish to the poetry of the above.

The Majestic of all is when YOU Honor the Heavenly Father of all Creation by speaking his Name in the Pureness of Heart

   And He Smiles at you in Approval.
” My Heavenly Father’s Name is _______”

And I do my best to honor that name for another year.

Balance in Honor is needed. Let someone know he or she is valued today by YOU… And his or her friendship will always stay.

Honoring is as honor does

Honoring You Poem of Appreciation Information

– The Product of Culture Poetry poem of appreciation Articles Creation ( by James Lynch Jr Originally created and posted December 14)

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