Help With Being Honest

A hello to each of you! Yes, you too. 🙂

Today, we are looking for additional help with being honest. The purpose of this post is not to say you aren’t honest. Well, at the very least, since you are reading this post you are very much interested in the subject of  honesty. When you know the people in your life are honest with you; oh, what a beautiful sounding word! You more than likely have a smile in your heart as you are honest with others.

But what about those tough times in life. In the article, “Why Be Honest?” – Publishers JW.ORG

The writers address these situations for the YOUNG PEOPLE ASK series.

  • Why some people are dishonest
  • Why honesty pays
  • What your peers say

Did you find thoughts you could identify with in the above-linked article “Why Be Honest?”

Being honest when you reflect

Sometimes we read things that make us reflect, does it not? And an article about being honest is very important in this day and age. Do you agree? You know you do. 🙂 Look at it this way. We are designed to learn and improve where necessary, especially when it is our heart’s desire. Save the article in your favorites if you appreciate it. Being honest has its rewards, this you certainly already appreciate.

There is also a PDF document you can download from the JW.ORG website. It is designed to help the reader of it to look in the mirror, so to speak. Be honest with oneself, and you will know thyself.

How Honest Are You?

Check yourself with this three-part self-test.

Keep taking one day at time. Keep doing the best you can each day. Have a wonderful day!


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