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Healthy Habits While Traveling! 3 Quick Tips


The Mitch Fraker & Amy Schmittauer Presentation.

Are you a person who feels you should never take health for granted?

In order to enjoy all the food, toys, and travel expenses paid in the world, you know that cruise people love to take, we want to feel our best. Taking a few minutes, three minutes and forty-five seconds to be exact, to review these healthy habits while traveling tips will add value to your day.



Mitch Fraker’s Experience

Mr. Mitch Fraker is a personal trainer and freelance model. He uses Social Media to promote his brand

Mitch on Instagram: http://instagram.com/mitchfraker

Amy Schmittauer’s Experience

This quote from Jessamyn West, Social Media Marketing World, about Amy is one of my favorites.

“Amy is quite simply one of the most accomplished, professional and kind speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Because of her devotion to quality and a true passion for helping others, she has consistently delivered stellar presentations for Social Media Examiner, packed full of valuable knowledge and insight that is easy to follow and practical to implement. The feedback I have received from her peers and attendees alike has been glowing, both expressing that she is undoubtedly a presenter not to be missed. Her positive energy both online and in person is contagious and I very much look forward to working with her again.” – READ MORE

Amy has a new book! All that lake of experience is wrapped up in the made just for you, Vlog Like A Boss: http://vloglikeaboss.com

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HEALTHY HABITS WHILE TRAVELING! A MitchFraker and Amy Schmittauer Presentation

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