Kate McGill of Meadowlark

“Headlights” Single and Meadowlark (Kate McGill) 2016 Performances!

Kate McGill has produced another moving EP single in “Headlights.”

I told you before Kate can siiinnng! So this is not a surprise to you. Do You also remember this statement from Meadowlark Paraffin – Age and Discovery

Clearly Kate McGill is taking her music to a level that will provide an experience that her longtime fans can say, “I didn’t know she had grown so much in her style and grace in music.”
Right now, we will just have to wait and see. One thing that is possible, her new EP will have a song or two on it that will either cause you to remember your age of discovery or start your journey to having one.

There is additional news to share with you after you enjoy the new song “Headlights.”

Meadowlark – Headlights


Kate McGill of Meadowlark

Kate McGill performs and loves to go on tours. Here are Meadowlark’s 2016 tour dates and location.

Show Tickets 

  • Thursday, September 22      Hare & Hounds          Birmingham, UK
  • Friday, September 23            The Hope & Run         Brighton, UK
  • Saturday, September 24       Crofters Rights           Bristol, UK
  • Monday, September 26         Headrow House          Leeds, UK
  • Tuesday, September 27         The Waiting Room     London, UK
  • Wednesday, September 28   The Cookie                   Leicester, UK
  • Friday, September 30             Fallow Cafe                  Manchester, UK
  • Saturday, October 1                 Westgarth 2                 Middlesbrough, UK


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