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He MEANT IT when he said My Gift to You

He MEANT IT when he said My Gift to You – On the Move

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Dear Interested Ones, In this world today, there are good things born every day. There are precious things given every day to this special person or friend.

In knowing thyself, never allow your heart, yes protect your heart from this: A) If you ask someone for something nice they have (and maybe they have even given it as a gift to someone else) ; the person says “no” to you, then keep your heart PURE by not taking it anyway by less than honorable means (subterfuge).

We are not given the right or authority to make life difficult for a person just because they do not have a deeper connection with us.

Be careful of an envious spirit.

In knowing thyself, and loving thyself along with the Grand Creator, you will gain renewed confidence that you do not have to force or manipulate a friendship/relationship to receive the strong gift of it.

Best wishes, you Perceptive Readers – J. – Posted in CHECKOUT DESK section of the website Much More Than Books ALSO

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