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He Healed and Did Good Anyway Video Digest

He Healed and Did Good Anyway Video Digest

He Healed and Did Good Dear Readers, welcome to this special post of articles that were created during a special week:
April 5 – 10, 2020

Enjoy the video on this topic.

It is about when Jesus healed people and did good for many more even to the point of comforting their hearts and minds. When you want to help someone who is looked down upon; here is the motivation to still help that person.

He Healed and Did Good Anyway

Enjoy the Perceptive Readers Podcast Days of Spiritual Thoughts Special podcast.

This was the introduction to the special week.
Published on: April 05, 2020
People ask me at times personally, “what type of matters do I think about during a special week of being appreciative for what God does for us?”

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When gifts are given freely, then the receiver and giver both benefit- Sage Poetic Notes

“Breathe Deeply for it is a privilege

See the moon and the stars for they shine like you

Listen to the wind for it is creation and formation

Feel your heartbeat as it beats for you.

Taste your lips as they sing for you” – Raven Poetry

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