Havasi (My Homeland) and POC New Poem

Havasi has been featured on this website more than once over the past 5 years. In Havasi My Homeland, he has once again produced a music composition and film that you the poetic moments in a child will come out in appreciation.

Credits for HAVASI — Szülőföldem (My Homeland)

Composed and performed by: HAVASI
Dohnanyi Symphony Orchestra Budafok
Arranger: Peter Pejtsik
Vocals: Edina “Mókus” Szirtes
Flute: Balazs “Dongó” Szokolay
Peter Pejtsik, Violin
Poem: “Nem tudhatom” by Miklos Radnoti
Recited by: Akos Koszegi
Producer and Creative Director: Csaba Marjai
Director: Indian
Editor: Peter Vigh
Sound Engineer: Gabor Juhos
Music Production Director: Miklos Lukacs
Special thanks to Bence Lang
Photos: Adam Jäger (https://termeszetfoto.wordpress.com/), Janos Vajda, Karoly Chochol, Zsolt Szamosvary

Havasi My Homeland

Allow me to express my appreciation to everyone who collaborated/contributed to this beautiful poetic Havasi My Homeland  sounds of music.

Just as you listened to the Poem: “Nem tudhatom” by Miklos Radnoti in Havasi My Homeland, in like fashion you have come to expect from the Product of Culture website writers, after a major feature such as this, here is a new poem.

Home a Beautiful Word in Paradise

Home started as a beautiful word in paradise

Whether we were born in paradise or not, it is a condition we are trying to get back

The comfort and love of a Mother

The strength and wisdom of a Father

Do you miss home, do you feel all alone

Are you my friend

Then will we walk together this bend

It is not the path that is out of joint, but us pitiable human children

Are you my sister

Then are you proud to be in the same family name as I am of you

Never mislead by social structures that are meant to alienate ones who are family members at heart

Are you my brother

Then will you loyally stick with me and watch over me like no other

Always making strenuous efforts to lighten each other’s burdens until we can get home to Mother.

Home started in paradise. It is time for all who truly feel this way to say out loud what you have been saying privately in your heart and mind: Father, Mother, I want to come home.

Paradise, our Home, are just a few more mountains away.

J.L.jr – James Lynch



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