Happy Painting Happy Writing Bonus Thoughts

Art and Writing oh what a feeling. Do you have a masterpiece in you?

In the Pocbooks update moment, we once talked about the Joy of Painting in Happy Painting Happy Writing! Today, on a Monday, I feel it is nice to not only restore this podcast back to its original place here on the website, in addition to recounting some of the happy thoughts from it. But guess what, there is a bonus with some people who shared their happy moments from the show.

The Joy of Painting

Someone who always seem to make things new and fresh!

Bob Ross, known as the Happy Painter; painted landscapes; mountain, streams, and the sky. This artist was certainly at the top of his craft; with such a pleasant quality of personality displayed in his skilled work. Here is what I mean:

You can quote me, “People who watched the show remembers the smooth sound and countenance of his voice.” You just ask them.

“He also possessed a beautiful way of teaching.” Yes, he made you feel like you could create a masterpiece.

Happy Writing

In the Happy Painting Happy Writing pocbooks update moment, I joined together the reasons why painting for some and writing for others makes us happy. Are you a person who sees the art in both and joy they causes people to feel? Listen to the podcast and you will appreciate the thoughts even more!

With writing, from non-fiction, to fiction, and science fiction; become absolutely enthralled at times! “That was a good book,” You say? “How in the world did you draw that,” You asked?

Whenever you are feeling a little stressed how about going back to your roots of what makes you happy?

Going back to the roots of what makes you happy like writing.

Whether you are writing or painting, by going back your roots of happiness in the unusual moments that work on sapping it away, you will be able to still state the following:

Hey, I’m cool

Hey, this is soothing

Hey I’m Going to be alright

As a Bonus for Happy Painting Happy Writing

Notice these persons of all different backgrounds and how they gained encouragement from Bob Ross, this Happy Painter.
Segment on Guesthouse

Imagine seeing the host of Guesthouse, Chrissy Costanza, and her guest Allie, getting into the spirit of Bob Ross’ Happy Painting. I have to hold in my laughter when I see what I’m calling the “Happy Bob Ross Dance” from Chrissy Costanza! No, I don’t think Mr. Ross ever danced like this, but I’m pretty sure “he would get a kick out of it.”

TikTok debut
— Alliestrasza (@Alliestrasza) September 23, 2020

Did you get a laugh from the above Dance, Then you also have to chuckle in this Twitter Share

We had a couple of Bob Ross’ (@Alliestrasza and @ChrissyCostanza) take over the #GuestHouse studio last week – VENN (@watchvenn) September 26, 2020

Phil Donahue Shares is Thoughts on the Happy Painter

Phil Donahue talks about the wonder and accessibility of the Bob Ross Method in this behind the scenes look from the documentary, Bob Ross: The Happy Painter.
Watch the full documentary here!

The Bob Ross Dream Nic Hankins

Nic Hankins, artist, keeps the wonderful talented skills, and dream, if you will, of Bob Ross fresh in mind for happy painters.

Hope you enjoyed this pleasant moment in history and art. Best wishes and happiness!