Chapter 2 Happy Graduation Class of 2022

  1. Will You Become a Bright Flare In The Sphere?

This is the continuation in celebrating your completion of the 12-year assignment, unless you are graduating a little earlier or later; whatever may be the case, family and friends are happy for you!

What will you do with all this brain knowledge? As you will recall from part 1 of this article, I stated the following for us explore here in Part 2:

“We explore your mind, heart, and spirit; the effect of your education…”

What I am asking you to do while in a relaxed, hopefully in vacation mode, frame of mind is to read the following poetic language and see if you are moved to share it with other graduates. 

You may find the right motivation, or affirmation, to spur yourselves on to excellence in perspective careers. 

Notes From The Keynotes

In graduation speeches around the world who would you say is thanked the most for this completed milestone?

Mom, and then dad. And if your brothers and sister are not getting on your *cough, cough* nerves that day, YOU may even express your gratitude for them helping you in homework, chores, sports training, etc.  

Many of the faculty, staff, and teachers are also mentioned in YOUR gratitude for treating you like extended family in their understanding and patience with homework and life challenges.

These poetic statements below gives extra insight into what you truly have and appreciate!

Poetry The Sunflowers Will Blossom (A)

For 4 years of your life on this grounded earth, you have been seeds

By entering through these classroom doors sprinkles of knowledge on your mind will teach more than how to activate mathematic concepts and to read.

At your age we will learn about the animals…

Lions, tigers, and bears; but as you teacher I have an important responsibility to tell you about flowers too.

Sunflowers are my favorite; they are so applicable to you.

Don’t mind the word applicable, again, you will also learn that meaning  too.

Your petals will be everything  you recite in this poem

The color yellow in all its forms.

The budding sunflowers are happy and wise

They get all their energy from the sun up, up in the sky.

Are you looking forward to this school’s year adventure around a 170 days?

Don’t you worry at all for they will consist of work, rest, and play.

In your balance of everything you are about learn and do…

Your personality will blossom like the sunflower…

May all your dreams come true! – By James and The Sage PoeArtistry

B) Cindy Lou ’s Captivating Poetry

 This post about Cindy Lou’s poetry was originally published


 Author’s Poetry Corner

Cindy Lou ’s Captivating Poetry

As you have come to appreciate, this website is about the “Product of Culture books,” aka Pocbooks; which at times feature ‘The Arts.’ In particular, talented ones who showcase their writings and exceptional music. In this line of thought, I would be amiss if I did not mention the poetry of Cindy L. I took the time to visit her website. Then proceeded to read not one, not two, but seven poems! Yes, the poems are that captivating. It has been a pleasure getting acquainted with her original poetry. Hey, if you enjoy poems and poetry, why don’t you check out the website link and peruse her poems. Would you like a suggestion? Be sure to read “Together.”

C) Know Your Rights Sometimes it is a nice reminder to look at what the individual is trying to accomplish in life. This helps in holding an individual accountable as a leader of people as well. Do you know your rights? Do you respect the rights of others? -By James and The Sage PoeArtistry

“Know Your Rights” By A. Jolie

D) Depression – Poetry In Text  You don’t always have to endure the pain of losing  a friendship if you make the worth while efforts to save it! This is one of the points Natalia C. explains in her interview and the poem Depression.  

                         Depression Written and Read By Natalia C. 


Can we  not be  

Depressed in this world? 

All we do is  



Trying to stay alive 

In this jungle of life. 

From the very beginning 

We try to 

Own something. 

Make it ours. 

We do our best to keep it 

However, we still can lose it 

No matter how hard  

You hold it 

In your hands 

Sometimes you can’t keep it. 

The good thing is 

As hard as you squeeze it, 

It leaves a bigger mark.  

And even when it’s gone 

As soon as you lay your 

Eyes on your palm 

You will see that mark 

You will know what left it 

You will truly miss it 

But you will know, that 

Once it was in your hand 

Why shouldn’t it 

Appear there 


E) Life’s Recreation – By James & The Sage PoeArtistry

Some choose to read

Others enjoy a good meal to eat.

While a fine man appreciates his fine wine to drink

That lady over there sure loves to dance

And she has a special selection of songs not left up to chance

Ah, Life’s Recreation aren’t you glad we can be refreshed winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Good God Some may say, we really do have it all!

Real Life Evolution Always Involve Understanding Spirituality – James & The Sage PoeArtistry

Encore Happy Graduation Class of 2022!

Now You go out hither and Become a Bright Flare In The Sphere of this world!

The PoeArtistry of the Sage, just what is it?

The answer to this question is the same as asking, how vast is the universe?

It explores the meanings of the physical and spiritual realms all through the 5 senses and more.

This is where art comes from…

This is where song is birth…

And the strength of words to lift others up, while realizing they at times are used for defense.

The Sage contemplates all the above… and this is why the Poetry + Art = PoeArtistry is a fitting titled description. Do you know any of earth’s animal creatures that can mode colors and words the way humans become masters at it? 

Knowledge is Power; this knowledge is held in the mind and heart; The Sage is task with reflecting and enhancing the universe just a little-bit brighter.

Best Hopes in Abundance;

James and The Sage PoeArtistry 

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