Happy Graduation Class of 2022 Part 1

Happy Graduation Class of 2022 Part 1

I say once again, Happy Graduation Class of 2022! What a May and June it has been on the Pocbooks.com website.

During the graduation season, I featured more than seven or eight high schools and colleges from around the world. Yes, so many of these educational institutions were highlighted, you could not count these features on your fingers and toes if you tried. Then again, you math majors are up to the job.

Here are the pages, articles, and podcasts that were addressed to you on this special occasion during the months of May and June 2022.

Happy Graduation Day (Season) pocbooks.com/happy-graduation-season
Graduation and Celebration pocbooks.com/graduation-and-celebration

And for the June 4 to June 7 weekend, the Enuff Said Page.

You may recall in the Modus Operandi Product of Culture Letters, starting around Number 4, the highlighted honor for the Songstress and performer Taylor Swift!

You read the following:
Taylor Swift Savoring Moments
“Taylor Swift will receive a Doctor of Fine Arts, honoris causa, from New York University with the graduating class of 2022. She will address students and guests at the school’s commencement ceremony on May 18 at Yankee Stadium”

Well, Perceptive Readers, Taylor came prepared and ready for it (The Audience), as it were. Did you take the time to see Taylor’s discussion live? It was certainly a joy to listen and learn once more from her experience. Thus, you can appreciate why the Doctor of Fine Arts, was honored with ceremony to Taylor Swift.
Here are the links to the (A) full ceremony and the singled featured (B) New York University Taylor’s Address.
A) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lp7xtbJjcWA
B) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9M9Ff4aUuQ

A weekend of celebration and being informed.
Perceptive Readers, do you think the videos and documentaries you watched during the June 4 thru June 7 weekend will be remembered for years to come?
Mostly likely, for many of you, YES! (Chuckle) At least one of them being remembered by you is a reasonable belief. Why? Because if you are a Perceptive Reader, you know how; NO, you desire, to take away key points from a wonderful experience! By you graduating in this year of 2022 during the months of May and June; there is a lot to be Happy for, and Thankful for; that you will remember!

Product of Culture Savoring Moments

Perceptive Readers, I present to you savoring moments mentioned (June 4-7) on the pocbooks.com website. These Topics were highlighted or discussed on The James PoeArtistry, Perceptive Readers Podcast, and social interaction.

I. Class of 2022 Senior Walk – Lockhart Independent School District
II. Grad Walk Spring 2022 – FGCU
III. Class of 2022 Senior Walk – Livingston ISD Communications Dept
IV. Happy Graduation Day Lyric – Aishah Zainal
V. Ready For It? + Intro #Reputation Stadium Tour – Taylor Swift
VI. Stan Lee Keynote at the 2017 Graduation Ceremony – UCLA Extension
VII. Affirmation in What You See – James Lynch Jr.
VIII. Stan Lee His Mind in Conversation – James Lynch Jr.

Perceptive Readers Appreciating Technology with Excellence (June 4-7)

  1. Bugatti La Voiture Noire Unveiling – Bugatti
  2. A True Piece of Technology: Introducing the BUGATTI Smartwatch by VIITA – Bugatti
  3. IXO® for BUGATTI: First BUGATTI Pool Table Ready For Delivery – Bugatti

Perceptive Readers Savoring Interviews, Songs, and Keynote Address Encore (June 4-7)

1) Whole Lotta Love – Prince
2) If This World Were Mine (Audio) ft. Luther Vandross – Cheryl Lynn
3) Russell Means Final Interview Pt 1 | Sacred Feminine, Indigenous Society, and Gender Roles – The Sacred Science
4) Thinking Ability Product of Culture – James Lynch Jr.
5) Your Fundamental Learning Education – James Lynch Jr.
6) Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Intro – Blagofan09
7) NYU 2022 All-University Commencement – New York University
8) This Love (Taylor’s Version) (Lyric Video) – Taylor Swift


Will You Become a Bright Flare In The Sphere?

In Part 2 of Happy Graduation Class of 2022, we explore your mind heart and spirit; the effect of your education. Is it not supposed to yield abundance and prosperity to you? Then, how about the loved ones and family you will raise upon this earth to shine peace and joy upon others?

How will we do this? Keep in mind June, celebrations have just started during the completion of this first article.

I will see you in the next article: Happy Graduation Class of 2022 Part 2

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