Social Media Pick Thursday – Happiness (Originally posted Dec 5, 2019)

Happy Thursday Perceptive Readers.

This is a thought you will recall below for the motivation of Social Media Pick Thursday. Last week I was very much immersed in the technology side of matters for this website and podcast.

It is all needed; there happened to be a time for it.
Social Media Pick Thursday Happiness Poetry

So even though several neat items were posted throughout the day, there was not a post made here at the pocbooks website. Hence, I hope you will appreciate and share this special post today!

Happiness is not a place, nor a thing.

Happiness is all about people,

Those who love you.

Boldly, unconditionally.

Everything can be lost.

Perish with a blink of an eye.

One roll of a dice, and you lost it all.

But people who love you, will leave a mark on your heart.

They will always be there, somewhere.

You will know.

When you cast a look, upon the astonishing sky lightened with stars

Do glance at the moon too.

And know this,

Those stars, will be the same stars they looked at,

Same moon they adored.

And this, fearful moment you drown in, will be no more.

For you will feel them by your side.

They will remain, while everything else will be long gone. – N.C.

Have a pleasant Thursday. Thanks for caring and sharing. Be sure to check out the new pocbooks app ( FYI on the app status os here ) as well, Kind regards