Journal Writing

In the year of 2020, I started the Graduation with a Poetry Flare Book. It is one of my ideas I had over the years staying on the back burner. Imagine having a project you could develop throughout the years that you and the globe would get a kick out of it; Oh yes, that’s where my mind was focused on the first two projects of mine.

During those years, I picked a selection of persons with great talents in voice, music, dance, and yes; even modeling brand quality experts. Unbeknownst to a few of them, I had a unique project, in due time, for the ones selected…

With the above knowledge, the Graduation With a Poetry Flare was or is designed for the last (last but not least) personality I factored in this interesting subject on education and touch on the adolescence experience with poetry. Sage Poetic at times, you know. Yes, there is a treasure of wealth IMHO in the process, implementation, and marketing I envision, which would most likely take a few more pages to write about.

I will just cross that bridge when I come to it. All the same, here are all the sections placed on At the time of this writing, the ten chapters I said would be placed on there for the Perceptive Readers to freely read are almost complete. I am presently developing the last couple of chapters.

Here are the chapters being stored in my journal locations and in this members’ password group. The posts are numbered as such: 2.1, 2.2. 2.3 etc…

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