Perceptive Readers,
GWPF 9 Sunflowers Will Blossom

For 4 years of your life on this grounded earth, you have been seeds

By entering through these classroom doors sprinkles of knowledge on your mind will teach more than how to activate mathematic concepts and to read.

At your age we will learn about the animals…

Lions, tigers, and bears; but as you teacher I have an important responsibility to tell you about flowers too.

Sunflowers are my favorite; they are so applicable to you.

Don’t mind the word applicable, again, you will also learn that meaning  too.

Your petals will be everything  you recite in this poem

The color yellow in all its forms.

The budding sunflowers are happy and wise

They get all their energy from the sun up, up in the sky.

Are you looking forward to this school’s year adventure around a 170 days?

Don’t you worry at all for they will consist of work, rest, and play.

In your balance of everything you are about learn and do…

Your personality will blossom like the sunflower…

May all your dreams come true!

Excerpts from my latest book and audio book project! Have you heard of Well you will.

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