The Start of Knowledge

Knowledge empowers as long as its what you need.

What love does with knowledge and what knowledge does without love.

The same goes for wisdom.

The beginning of your knowledge and learning began long before you were born. Your cells used information (knowledge) in your DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) to create you. Why do you have such dashing good looks; because your mother and father passed this and smarts on to your genes.

When you were born is where we pick up on your gathering knowledge in a conscious state. As a baby, the conversations with your parents were limited to gurgles and crying for milk. You learned early on that is all you had to do for attention from mother and father. You did not know much more about how to do anything else; however, when awake, you watched and listened to everything.

The knowledge stimuli from the caress of touch, hugs, and even baths, allowed you to further recognize pressure and comfort. Do you remember feeling stuffed after feeding, but could not get to sleep? Probably not, all the same, you told your parents the only way you knew how that they overlooked burping you that time.

Knowledge in applied action
A) Baby feels discomfort after eating
B) Baby cries and squirms around
C) Mother hears baby
D) Mother places the baby on her shoulders and softly pat(ed) your back.

What happened next? Sometimes you produced a burp so loud even a lumberjack would come in second place to you in a burping contest. Granted, sometimes your mother had to clean her shoulder up after such an award-winning burp!

Really, during that time, the extent of knowledge taken in by you; mostly revolved around you. For the first year of your life, your knowledge conclusion about self, is that your life and feelings mattered. And you certainly knew how to cry in order to prove it.

This does not mean you were a spoiled child. It is the way life has been designed for the first year after birth of a human child.

You will find once the knowledge of Mom-ma and Da Da starts coming out of a child’s mouth on a regular basis, with crawling added to it, the parents realize there are basic house training (knowledge) decorum you will have to be taught before going to school in less than a hand full of fingers possibly.

You will see just how well-prepared you were when they enrolled you in kindergarten!

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