The Beginning of Knowledge

We start this chapter on the following thoughts

I. The Start of Knowledge
II. The Goal
III. Graduation Day Building Bridges

Have you ever considered throughout the years what concrete principles got you to where you are today? Without them do you feel certain tests would not have turned out as well as they did? We are talking about wisdom.

Wisdom is defined or shown by the application of knowledge. When you have a goal, yes objective; your mind devises a way from things learned to accomplish the goal. It quickly informs you of the times you need to acquire more knowledge on the objective in order to be successful. For you, with time and determination, the wisdom rounds you out intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

What have scholarly sources said about wisdom?

Harvard Online Learning has devoted courses to assimilating understanding from religious and moral teachings for what one quote states is included in the Art of Living.

Psychology Today Canada statement comes as a surprise for some in referencing wisdom; however, it covers a conception that addresses why we have to learn about it. The author of their report on wisdom feels it is hard to define, “because it encompasses so much—but which people generally recognize when they encounter it. And it is encountered most obviously in the realm of decision-making.”

When you read the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy; the writers their reference think tank groups like life coaches, poets, and spiritual leaders, etc have high interests in understanding the concept of wisdom.

Wisdom in a biblical sense emphasizes sound judgement; this is what Insight on the Scriptures states and is thoroughly expounded upon in depth.

Your mind at this point has a lot to consider when it comes to the fruition of thoughts mentioned above.

Throughout this pleasant book, as you are experiencing, we explore wisdom via poetry, light academics, and neat anecdotal stories that you have most likely encountered in life that brought you wisdom. Here is a tip. Read a page of this book before retiring for the night. Your dreams will pick up where the page or chapter ended. You may wonder why is this the case? It, at times, is due to learning something new. From poetry, to the subjects you probably wrote papers on in school, your mind in subconscious mode at times may become active in the dream state as you make sense of it all.

May your REM sleep be filled with excitement and peace each night you read a chapter. Savvy?

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