In the year of 2020, I started the Graduation with a Poetry Flare Book. Read the Rest of the introduction here http://draftwriting.local/gwpf-start-journal-writing/

Poetry for a special a journey you waited close to 2 decades for its completion. Happy Graduation! Today is your big day! It is special; so much so, it is my privileged and pleasure to share this first poem of your [Name of Book or can be the special section to place school and graduation date for the Graduate.] Is it signed by any of your friends, family members, and mentors? It goes without saying, but I will state it anyway, this book may also be a gift you purchased for yourself. You deserve it! This first poem is one you can remember that will also help recall just who you are in this moment; in this time.
It is a Super Day
All my scores placed my GPA and quite possible more Come what may I am now here On this day of _______ I walk through the Doors

As I look around I see a friend here and there
I pause to fix my peers names in mind
Along with their caps and gowns they have smiles everywhere

Smell the pleasantness in this arena
Such arrangements I never want to forget
Soon will be my turn to walk across the stage scene

Will you finish the last three rows of your graduation poem?




Very Fine
We will see you in the next section.