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Guest Blog Request Sample

Perceptive Readers, here is a guest blog request sample correspondence response from me. The name and e-mail of this writer has been removed. I hope this helps you entrepreneurs, professionals, etc to see that e-mail responses do not have to be long. They should be concise, or as some say, just get to the point. Respectfully, that is.

Guest Blog Request Sample

Dear ____________,

Subject: Response to ____________ _____________ guest blog post request.

I hope this e-mail response finds you well or even better!
You offered to write a guest blog post on the pocbooks.com website. The cost: A back link to your website.

There are several criteria I use to verify guest bloggers.

  1. We are mutually following each other on one or more of the social media platforms. Twitter, Minds, etc.
  2. There is a six month (this can be negotiable) time frame of me reading your material or blog site.
  3. There is a specific documentary or commentary writing piece I’m looking to publish on the Product of Culture website.

For instance, right now I’m looking at 5G wireless technology research.

If you are still interested in being a guest blogger on the pocbooks.com website, please give your website information or online resume. Do you have 3 of your favorite articles you love to show people? Please provide them as well.

 _______, if this is your wish, as we develop a professional rapport for one another, you may find more options will be offered for you to (guest blog) write on subjects closer to your heart.

I will always be clear on the theme e.g musician, culture, science, social media and more topics.

Thank you for reaching out and much success in your endeavors.

Kind regards, James ( Author/ Owner pocbooks.com )

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