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Grace Lee Voice Defies Gravity

Grace Lee ’s The voice that seem to defies gravity. A few months ago in the article Love Runs Out Brief Commentary. I stated :

“At times you hear me say, ‘I tip my hat to you.’ It means much appreciation or well done when you see me do it. After listening to this Daniel Jang and Grace Lee collaboration, I would like to tip my hat to her and just give my hat as a gift to Daniel Jang!” Her collaboration received five stars from the Product of Culture website.”

Grace Lee Voice Defying Gravity

This is an example of how Grace’s voice is so finely tuned that it seems to defy gravity by singing out fabulous tones and sounds into the hearing atmosphere.

When We Were Young – Adele (COVER by Grace Lee)

I would now just like to share a few more thoughts on Grace Lee’s Music.

She has grace (no pun intended) and displays exceptional control over the pitch and power of her voice. This type of orotund control can take years to call upon at the precise moments. The voice has to sound natural with the amount of power Grace possesses.  Grace’s appeal has the same potential to be on the level of today’s greats whose songs she covers. Adele, Jessie J and Josh Groban just to name a few.

Jessie J (Pitch Perfect) – Flashlight – Cover

A Happy Accomplishment!

A Big Congratulations to Dr. Grace!

Grace’s Facebook Announcement:

Dr. Grace Lee, Pharm.D.
Thank You Lord for granting me favor and grace to earn my Doctorate degree and pursue a career in medicine… So I got my degree, now what? IT’S TIME TO SING!!

Her Covers on ITunes



It is appropriate to mention this point again. Grace Lee’s voice defies gravity and will raise you up by listening to her in work and relaxation mode. Enjoy!

You Raise Me Up  – Josh Groban

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