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Technology enables us to reach many others in a matter of seconds that in all the years before now would have taken hours and years to reach a large amount of people. Which is faster, to send an e-mail to 10 people, call on the telephone, or drive to someone’s location to hand deliver a message?
Yes, there are still many helpful social reasons why it is best to do things face to face with other humans, but the scope of this article is not covering those reasons. This article is to share a mild and easy tool of technology that can be used here at Geek Brain Dump more than what it is being used today.  This is somewhat of a surprise for me that it is not being used to its full potential!
Allow me to express some of your thoughts and questions you may be having from the statements above:
1. What? Why is it somewhat a surprise for you that you don’t see that many Google Pluses  on the articles here?
2. A mild tool you say? I receive more notifications from people in my circles than I do e-mail! Sometimes I say stop the madness!
3. Did he just throw in a shameless plug for a Google Plus video?
Okay, we will answer your thoughts in order:
1. The reasons for my surprise are these – How many IT people or geeks here do not have a Google + account?  How many people writers/authors here know how to use the Google Chrome or another web browser? And how many of you would like to see articles here go viral?  Google has provided a tool that anyone who professes to be an Information Technology Professional should be familiar enough  to at least help others to know what it is about and how to press a button that takes less than 1 second but promotes a strong influence on Google’s search engine to wake up to the information you just found value in! The effect results in higher visibility! You have the power to contribute to a viral showing!

  1. Yes, some of you are concerned about notifications from others in their circles so they leave Google Plus alone all together. Then here are options for you that may help you to revisit this tool.
    ●  Turn off notifications for some or all.
    ● You really don’t have to put anyone or very few in your circles (This is something  people overlook)
    ● Join IT or technical communities if you want to share the articles to a larger audience.  (Be careful with spamming)
  2. Enjoy the brief video of all the Google plus buttons.  Yes, a shameless plug (smile). But it makes the point that if we are investing time and energy into Geek Brain Dump should we not try and share our investment with others?
    Google  + Plus Display–mZpDUIs
    The Geek Brain Dump is a creation of Eli the Computer Guy; inasmuch, I am grateful. Still, make no mistake about it, everyone here can take this website to the next level just by sharing what you appreciate here. In a figurative way, take ownership of it!
    Closing comments and a Call to Action
    I would just like to express further that even if you have a Google + account with no one following you and vice versa  in the circles it does not mean your pressing the Google Plus button has no affect, because it does.
    Along with turning a noticeable red or some other styled result, you have contributed to giving the Google juggernaut a shot of java to take notice! Yes, a strong cup of coffee gets productivity flowing for a lot of writers, in the same manner, the Google search algorithm will speed up the indexing and page ranking of this website if there are good quality articles.  Granted, there are small things to work on, no one is perfect and we are all constantly learning. However, you know there are enough good quality articles here that this website is a force the Google juggernaut should add to its empire for technology enthusiasts to gain benefits!
    Take for instance this VIP article
    Cloud Security Problems: What can be done? By Michael Patterson posted on June 11, 2014
    As of the time of this writing, there is a less than hopeful amount of 3 Google plus. Have you briefly read or perused the article? Did you find something of value in it? Was it something you did not know?
    I just want to be clear, I am not advocating going through and pressing every Google Plus button in sight; yet I want to share with you these thoughts:
    An article like the one above has something that many programmers, consultants, professionals and students in the IT field would find a point worthy of note. How many people know what “SAAS means? Yes, you in your vast research and knowledge may already know, hence did you appreciate Michael Patterson taking the time to write it down and express the publics concerns about it?
    In like manner, we can take a few nanoseconds to press the Google plus to share “I have found value in this article.” Additionally,  Look in the mirror and say, “Yes, I may have not written his or her article myself, but when other authors are successful with bringing traffic to Geek Brain Dump, because I have taken ownership in a figurative way, I am also successful in helping to promote it! In return, the diversity of huge traffic from the Google juggernaut will bring people to my articles!”
    Note: Exclamation points (!) and “juggernaut” used in this article are for ones reading this 4 am in the morning. Have a nice day!
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