Google Plethora of Services

From the July 2015 archives of James Lynch’s writings

Google has provided so many services over the years that only employees can name them all. Then again, may only the President of Google could name them all… Never mind, no one could name all of Google’s services provided throughout the years without looking them up!
For the readers of Geek Brain Dump, a list of Google’s present and active services are provided below. Due to the company’s hyper speed development mode, this list is no means exhaustive.
Have you used these common Google services?
Google’s  Web Search Engine
Google Docs
Google Chrome (Web Browser)
Google Hangouts, +Plus, and  YouTube
Site and Blog Administrators
Google Analytics –Measures your website’s visitors and their interaction with website\blog. 
Google Webmaster Tools- See how many times your website’s articles are showing up in search words. What keywords people are typing into the web browser’s search engine prompts your posts to receive impressions. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised at how many impressions Google’s search algorithm is providing for good quality articles even when your website is ranked 1 or 2! 
Additional statements from Google on Webmaster Tools
● Did some queries result in more traffic to your site than others?
● Are your product prices, company contact info, or events highlighted in rich search results?
● Which sites are linking to your website?
● Is your mobile site performing well for visitors searching on mobile?
  In the future, we will dive more into Google and the state of the art technology it takes to run the juggernaut!
Until next time, can you name the Google services you have added to your Internet toolbox?
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Screenshots of Most Google Products
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