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Good to Great-In Business Today?

Are businesses having a difficult time implementing policies that are practical, but are now looked upon as outdated? -Question by the Webmaster.

This continues in the Blog Series:

Fine Tuning Clear Communication – Part 4

We have bypassed posting parts 2 and 3 in this series. Due to the reason it addressed views and techniques that in communicating with some of this website’s audience, they already know, and in a masterful way, use a variety of communication skills. Hence, the particular audience reading this series may desire to move into additional areas at a quicker pace.

In part 1 of Fine Tuning Communications, we covered an illustration about the nicknamed communications van. This was to show/illustrate just how much work is involved at times in order to communicate with one another. It was important to have participation or efforts between both operators. And oh, what a feeling of elation they both experienced when they could not only talk to, but understand one another!

Transition Good to Great-In Business Today?

Shall we proceed to talk about a book addressing what makes successful businesses? What are the communication methods of the leaders? I related some of the contents in this book to others in times past as a conversational piece that the other party happen to bring up. Yes, we do run into ALL sorts of people.

Good to Great by James C. Collins

James Collins explains right in the beginning that an offered payment of 100 million dollars to not write Good to Great would have stopped him from following through with the idea to write it. He states it is due to being a teacher at heart. And yes, it is important to him for not only older ones, but anyone to learn about his findings.

Perceptive Readers Culture:  Fine Tuning Clear Communications

Early on, James Collins makes an attention getting statement with “Good is the Enemy to Great.” Now the purpose of this blog series is not to make an argument against his findings and business philosophy; it is to relate why at times, from another perspective, he came to such conclusions. You will appreciate why this is not a brow-beating commentary on Good to Great. No, in fact, it is always a practice at this website to give credit, where credit is due. This you have found to be true, have you not? And in this blog series featuring forms of communication for these company leaders, your eyebrows will perk up when reading about James Collins’ experience. What is he communicating in this book? Well, he makes himself very clear.

Another point of note. A lot of his thoughts will be paraphrased, rather than directly quoted. Therefore, the more than 14 year (October 16, 2001) old book will still have its ownership and ability to earn an income RESPECTED. Again, this is just a commentary on specific findings and best practices, if you will. The book is still in print so according to your desire, you can verify any of my paraphrased statements of what James Collins puts forth for consideration.

More on Good to Great- In Business Today? Part 2 In the near future.

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