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Golden Eagle and HAVASI Music

Once or twice a year, for over nine years, it has been a tremendous pleasure relating in some way according to written form the listening pleasure experienced when listening to HAVASI’s composed music.HAVASI The Golden Eagle

You can see what I mean here:

Pure Piano
HAVASI — A Painter is Born (Official Concert Video)
“Spring Wind” Song Interpretation by HAVASI
Listening With Clarity

Have you ever said to someone the following words? “This is where I am coming from.”
Yes, you can have two artists of extraordinary talent paint a picture using the same hue and colors, and yet, onlookers will receive a different perspective and understanding due to his or her background. Additionally, a key word to also consider is the word culture.

In the basic meaning of when a child’s mind of innocence is taught about the color red, it is linked with the word LOVE; is it not?
The brighter the color, then it can pertain to a fiery passion or disposition. The darker the hue can pertain to a depth like “My LOVE for you is deeper than the deepest ocean!”
Note: There are other meanings some may find for any color, not just red; all the same, we are reading as pure hearted children; with all due respect and smiles.
Imagining all such hearts in a land that have a depth of loyalty and expression so deep, you experience bright hues of feelings during the day and a cozy campfire feeling of comfort at night. As you enjoy one another’s company over wine and cheese.
Oh what an experience indeed!

The “Golden Eagle” Poetry in Motion

HAVASI’S Golden Eagle is poetry in motion that places into song what in just one way, your heart will appreciate the earlier paragraphs above.

Before we view the superb performance, I would like to share a new poem for the occasion.


Majestic is what you are to soar so far
Being in the past, present, and future how you fathom such distance.
When this one of a kind takes flight.
A creation so magnificent , even the Grand Creator attributes one of his innate abilities in simile to this kind with the power of flight.
It is none other than the Golden Eagle.

Standing Ovation and Golden Eagle Credits


Golden Eagle

Composed and performed by HAVASI
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HAVASI
Website: https://www.havasi.eu

Special thanks: https://www.boesendorfer.com

Dohnanyi Symphony Orchestra Budafok

Contributing artists:

Arranger and conductor: Peter Pejtsik

Edina “Mókus” Szirtes – violin, vocals
Boglarka Pejtsik – vocals
Márton Stummer – guitar

HAVASI — Golden Eagle LIVE at Budapest Arena

Executive Producer and Creative Director: Csaba Marjai
Mixing Engineer: Geoff Foster, Air Studios, London
Audio Post-production: Sandor Nyiri, Classic-Sound Studio, Budapest
Music Production Director: Miklos Lukacs
Animation: Gergo Toth / Kimera Productions
DOP, Editor: Peter Graf / Grafpictures

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