G Day in September Perceptive Readers

With Understanding:

What good will it do a man if he gains the whole world but loses himself?

For this G’Day in September Perceptive Readers, I have neat thoughts accumulated during last month, and before, to contemplate while wearing your thinking caps.

G’day Students and Teachers

 “Let us do our work as well, Both the unseen and the seen; Make the house, where Gods may dwell, Beautiful, entire, and clean.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Do you grasp the meaning in these below statements?

Your love is like the bluest ocean. It keeps both of us sailing and in motion.

Well you don’t have to be a scuba diver searching for love in an ocean the same way people have done for treasure; and yet, I want you to experience this.

When you get a chance this school year, maybe you can ask a person who went on a boat ride this past summer how did the water make them feel? For ones who have gone on cruises, why do they love the experience so much? Yes, from the most extravagant cruise ship, to the canoe style for a family of 4 or just 2; the water of life, is also an ocean experience of love.

There are people who continuously make us feel this way… Loved.

You can read the rest of the poem here: Poetry Say your love is true

Feature Poets, Singers, & Theater and Concerts Information Section

Here you have Theater and Concerts Information

Against the Current ‘Fever’ Concert

We’re so excited to announce that we’re livestreaming our show at the Roxy on September 20th to bring the fever release shows to everyone!


Commentaries and Podcast

Over the years, my commentaries have covered artists, even ones people feel were just starting out in their crafts. There have been times I’ve read others POV journalism vs commentary on the podcasts as well.

If you are new to the website since last year, it is my pleasure in welcoming you to the Product of Culture website aka Pocbooks.com

Musicians and Singers Featured

Perceptive Readers and music listeners enjoy this art form in dance and contemplation. Chuckle Caveat; I still don’t think you would find too many people recommending it all the time while you are studying for a big exam though. Chuckle

You may have appreciated last month’s highlighted choice in Ariana Grande. You can go read the article right here:

G Day in August Perceptive Readers Article

For your interests here are a few listed selections in this month of September:

A) Chrissyofficial Twitch


Chrissy Costanza often plays video games on her Twitch channel. If you are into the ’League of Legends’ strategy type games, in times past, she played that game a lot. However, Valorant has been her focus over the past six months at least it seems.
Who knows, maybe she will play empire building strategy games one day in the future, like the Age of Empires, did I just date myself again? All the same, say what you will, though I am happy with the expression: home with a picket fence, if someone starts building a conquest in Age of Empires, Cough I will be the first one watching it! Cough I may even take the time to relearn it and conquer the gaming world! Lol.

B) You Keep Smiling By Sage Poetic

You share this poetry with the person who you are reminding just how much they mean to you. Of course, you can look in the mirror as well. Have a great day!

Creative Writing

The Harp of Pleasantries Creative Writing Section 2 The Manuscript Phase

“Don’t you worry Angel, I know where some of the treats are at!” Route’ kept flapping his wings.

Angel whistled whined.

Route’ flew onto the front porch area and walked around to look Angel square in the face, “I know what you are thinking, I know what you are thinking Angel.”

Staring, Angel turned her head at an angle counter-clockwise.

“Yes, old Route’ has everything under control. I will feed you,…”

Angel whined

“I will tell you when to take a nap…”

Angel placed her head down flat on the porch and rowed on her back whistle whining.

“Yes, I will give you treats before bad time…”

Angel jumped back up to all four paws and “Bark!”

“And after that, after that, old Route’ will tuck you in and sing you a lulla—” Before Route’ could finish his sentence, Angel jumped off the porch in one huge leap and proceeded to run down the road to find Lamont. It was with the speed and determination of the fastest animal on the face of the planet; and quite possibly on the terrain of all the universes!

Route’ flew on top of the roof making his loud alert screech “Comeback Angel! I have not told you about carrying me around in the bird cage! Come back!”

The warm wind blew across Route’s feathers as he waited for Angel to return. After several breezes went over him, he took flight for his favorite place a mile down the road.

Reminiscing about the start of his life is a subject matter Route’ loves to tell in-between songs to whoever will listen. Since Angel ran off, “Maybe never to return,” Route’ screeched out while flying enroute to the outside coffee venue a mile away from his home to the tropical chambers.

There were no animals on the path this day for conversation, thus, with the wind underneath his wings flowing with him, this colorful fluttering bird reached the Tropical Inn faster than the sun that rises to mid-morning brightness.

Route’ decided to make an entrance by flying around and through the Tropical Inn no lower than the tallest person walking around the outside dinning area; plus 4 more air pockets of space for good measure. After taking in the audience, he flew around to the back of the kitchen and plopped right up on the bamboo framed window fluttering his wings with a cackle, “Route’ is here! Route’ is here!”

“And so you are,” Jack Forsite rushed over with a giant hand size cheese cracker he baked.

Placing the cracker on a blue tray besides Route’, “Here you go buddy.”

Taking his first peck at the cracker “ Thank you Jack,”

“I’m happy to see you.” Jack’s smile was one in a million to his customers and Route’.

Have A Wonderful September 2021!

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