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Who assured us there is a “Lord Of The Harvest”

Welcome to the G’ Day in October Perceptive Readers! You get more of a background on what we used to call the Product of Culture magazine style blog posts.

G’day Students and Teachers

Often… the students you’re trying to inspire are the ones that end up inspiring you. – Sean Junkins

Dear teachers and bright minds, with the Autumn season arrival, I’m happy to share the following topics with YOU. From the Notes Happenings Page

This is a thought for you bright minds. If you feel sluggish, vitamin drinks may be just what you need.

Your health matters. Next time you do research, be sure to look up nutritious foods and natural supplements that help you to relieve stress and keep your immune system in optimal working order. Hey, do you have any aches or pains? Make sure you are drinking the needed (generous) amount of water each day as well even during the cooler months.

Have you been reading up on cryptocurrency? Do you feel they are important?

You bright minds continue being yourself and have a successful day.

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Here you have Theater and Concerts Information

Against the Current ‘Fever’ Concert

Commentaries and Podcast

Over the years, my commentaries have covered artists, even ones people feel were just starting out in their crafts. There have been times I’ve read others POV journalism vs commentary on the podcasts as well.

If you are new to the website since last year, it is my pleasure in welcoming you to the Product of Culture website aka

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  4. Do You Enjoy Autumn

As worthy of mention during this October issue, the abundance of crops during harvest time are as colorful, as they are plentiful.  What are your favorite vegetables and fruits to eat?

Imagine next spring starting your garden teaming with seeds of your favorite vegetables to eat!  How do you get started? Do you love the taste of watermelon, tomatoes, and spinach to name a few?

Here are some knowledge tips for you:


Plant your seeds 1 inch deep into the ground in nutrients rich soil. You may decide to purchase some topsoil and fertilizer for this.

Water the seeds every day. In temperatures 70 to 80 degrees, the late afternoon or early morning hours each day has been enough for our homely gardens.

When you see that it is harvest time by the size and stem coil of the watermelon turning brown, then in about another week you plan on picking these sweet tasting fruits!

Oh my, they are very good. Especially when you have chilled them in the icebox, as we called them down south.

Dear Bright Minds, can you write three tips about growing tomatoes?




How about three facts about Spinach? Either way, it is my hope that whether you place one or more items in your garden next mid spring or so, be sure to water and watch your produce each day. Look at you nurturing a family there; chuckle. Hey enjoy the October harvest this month!

Harvest of The Creative Writing Video Selection

GWPF 7 The Goal Special

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