G Day in November Perceptive Readers

Such an Excellent Quality of Life For All… This deserves several different ways of stating the history facts:

They were very contented, with plenty to eat and drink.

They ate and drank and were happy.

And they were eating and drinking and rejoicing (Merry making).

Welcome to the G’ Day in November Perceptive Readers! You get more of a background on what we used to call the Product of Culture magazine style blog posts.

G’day Students and Teachers

Beauty is as Beauty does

Pure Intention Poetry

What exactly does a scale do? Have you ever used one? Most likely in science class is the first time you seen a real one with function, the same as a microscope in memory recall. Now here is the last thought or question for this opening to the November Product of Culture theme on being happy, Poetry, and beauty to you.

Did learning how to use a scale teach you anything about life?

Feature Poets, Singers, & Theater and Concerts Information Section

Against the Current ‘Fever’ Concert
March 31, 2022
Brighton, United Kingdom
Get your tickets for the season of jovial fun here www.atcofficial.com

Ariana Grande New REM (Beauty) Products Line.
Singer, Dance, Actress, Songwriter, Entertainment Reviewer(Judge) and more.

Ariana Grande Highlights of Life

The Fragrances and Highlights of Life are all in Ariana Grande’s Beauty Products:

R.E.M Beauty Concealer, eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss, brow pencils and gels, and eyeliner to name a few.

God is a Woman Fragrance

The fragrance that enhances your appreciation for flowers while highlighting the delicate application or bond on your skin that will make you a believer of heavenly scents here on earth.

Ladies, this video report from TheThings Celebrity, your go-to destination for celebrity entertainment content, informs you on details to questions about the start of Ariana beauty line. You already have over 24,000 people who viewed it. www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9AJfxgn4uI

Poetry in Podcasts

The way poetry moves you. It is more than everyday language. Though the words may be common nouns, verbs, adverbs, etc… The flow of the elements in the sentences are entirely different from an every day conversation.

This month I’ve placed 4 Sage PoeArtistry titled poem links that are in podcasts and video form for your enjoyment. Yes, these PoeArtistry subjects recite being happy, Poetry, and beauty.

You share this poetry with the person who you are reminding just how much they mean to you. Of course, you can look in the mirror as well.

You Keep Smiling

Each and everyone of us at one time or another fostered an outlook on just what it means inside to feel our best. Then we took steps, no matter how delicate and slow to accomplish such a goal. It may not be an affirmation or is it?


Here is free reading to follow along in the Product of Culture Creative Expressions
Graduation Day with Poetry Flare

Do You Know What is Going On?

Have you ever laughed so hard your belly ached the next day? Just how important is humor to you?

Our Laughter and Humor

What’s Happening

Did you catch these following events last month? Some of them may still be airing

November 4 Ariana Grande returns to The Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon

October 31 Chrissy Costanza and Andrew are going to be competing together on @CWHiddenTemple on the CW this Sunday (10/31).

October 21 Welcome to this page. Do you enjoy poetry, music, technology, and creative writing? The Product of Culture website comments on and creates these works. You will be interested in the sidebar features as well. May Infinity prosperity stand before you.

October 17 G’day You will notice the Perceptive Readers Telegram app on this page. You can enjoy the posts and also contact me there. Have a pleasant Sunday

October 14 Being genuine and authentic. Hey you, Keep that personality of yours. Yes, we have similarities with others; however, all the same, YOU are still One in trillions upon trillions! In other words, you are unique.

October 12 The Musicians and Singers in Earth, Wind, and Fire placed You Want My Love as a premier on their Youtube Channel. See Official Website www.earthwindandfire.com

October 10 The Sunday Thought normally has a reference from the Greatest Book in the World. This is in no way an insult to you bright minds and writers, but know; it is a good matter to have a reliable Touchstone your feelings on non-fiction and ethics. It is also a way to see just where your imaginative and creative mind’s unlimited potential comes from on a daily basis. Yes, it is so wonderful to possess such a Great book.

Creative Writing

The Harp of Pleasantries Creative Writing Section 3 The Manuscript Phase

He did more than think about the situation. Unbuckling his belt harness, he laid it inside his jacket on the log.

It is during such times the realization comes to mind on whether he had dealt with similar situations or not.

After many years of travel, he realized from trial and error the different humanoids all possessed one goal in common. They… Angel barked!

“What is it girl?” As Lamont quickly stood up, there was a light in the distance. “Where did the daylight go?”

Angel looked towards the last mountain where she saw the sun setting over the horizon. She barked back at him.

“No, you do not have to chase it.”

Picking his belt harness back up, he looked at the five compartments; four of them were square size made of a special camouflage metal. Then the one that was the largest carried his special hydro style canteen. This canteen had the ability to take the moisture vapors right from out of the air and produced water. It was given to him as a gift from the man he was hoping to find again on this trip.

Looking towards the light about a hundred yards in the distance, “Girl, You can run along if you like.”

“Bark, bark, bark, bark!” Replied Angel

Sticking his pointer finger in the right ear and giving it a wiggle, “Two barks would have been enough.”

These conversations between Lamont and Angel end up in his journal. Even the tone and texture of Angel’s barks were written out in detail at times. Though the journal was personal, he imagined one day of writing it out for the Tropical Inn entertainment, ‘Canine slash Doggies who believe they are human language.’ Route would insist on being a co-author. “Heck, Route seem to be presently writing a book about me, ‘Humans who believe they are parrots, etc, etc;’” Lamont chuckled.

Angel laid flat on her belly and lowered her had on the ground. She exhaled out a breath and a moan, which caused the dust to puff up in the air.

“It’s settled then; we will see what’s in that direction tomorrow.”

Angel’s eyes were already opening and closing slowly. Each blink of her eyelids took extra seconds to open back up. Also, she started to slide from her belly to laying sideways.

Lamont could not resist, “I sure wish we had Route’ to sing us a nice song.”

“Grrrrh,” came from Angel with her eyelids fully closed.

Lamont softly laughed, and while checking to see all his compartments on the belt harness were securely attached, he laid it inside his jacket on the log.

He reached into one of his compartments and pulled out a thin square card. Then he pressed the card firmly between both hands; there was a sound of 1 beep, then he dropped the card on the ground.

After 5 seconds, the card began to crystal shimmer and glitter softly in form to make a huge sleeping bag, big enough for several people to sleep in it. Lamont stated at times, “it is more like a tent.” It was weatherproof on the outside and temperature controlled on the inside.

Before Lamont could take off his comfortable jungle style boots, Angel lifted herself up and moseyed along to the corner of the sleeping bag, fluffed up a comfortable spot, and plopped right down on it.

“Good night Angel.”

Angel yawned, and that was all she wrote for the day.

Lamont got inside the sleeping bag with the built in cushion like pillows. He did not need to adjust the temperature.

“See you in the morning girl.”

Have A Wonderful November 2021!

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