Your mind is you. Your mind is filled with happiness, love, meditation, prayers and more. Does it make sense why many have talked in coffee shops with others?

You control your mind and you will control your life.

Many Wise Sages

Digest highly nutritional reading and conversation for it — So to speak.

Welcome to the G’ Day in December Perceptive Readers! You get more of a background on what we used to call the Product of Culture magazine style blog posts.

G’day Students and Teachers

As we move into the winter months, people around the world experience the season and feelings of giving through traditions and spiritual edification.

In the Why You Give discussion, during the Telegram Perceptive Readers App Moment, I mentioned that no matter how much in a material way or glass half full, you share with others, never lose the spirit of life in your gifts. Your time and a listening ear will at times mean so much to someone!

Feature Poets, Singers, & Theater and Concerts Information Section

Against the Current returns to Europe with the ‘Fever’ Concert in 2022.

Musicians and Singers Featured

Taylor Swift – All Too Well (10 Minute Version)

Well Perceptive Readers, I’m going to sign this December 2021 with a wishing you well emotionally and physically during this season. Express your love and kindness to others and continue looking forward to the future blessings warm-hearted persons like yourself will receive this year and in 2022.

For you readers who beliefs and recreational activities wanted this surprising FYI

Kelly Clarkson & Ariana Grande

Have a wonderful day

G Day in December Perceptive Readers

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