G Day in August Perceptive Readers Article

He factually Stated: “ Go back and report to John what you hear and see…”

What Book Did This Quote come from?

In the G Day in August Perceptive Readers Article Podcast, I discuss this new series, and the creative writings features that will be in these articles.  You get more of a background on what  we used to call the Product of Culture/magazine style blog posts.  Here is the podcast to take a listen

G’day Students and Teachers

Chief Tecumseh: “Abuse no one and no thing. For abuse turns the wise into fools and robs the Spirit of its Vision.”

Poets and Poetry

Think about what you are learning dear little, and not so little linebackers and basketball, ones and what it does for you TODAY.  Everything you learn that turns into a way of practical application, oh my, it cultivates a Sage in the making as the person you turn out to be.

Do your best to use that knowledge and wisdom always in the positive; even when you are encountering trials of life at this time. 

Yes, as you hear me say many times; “Keep doing the best you can— with what you know.”

Feature Poets and Singers & Theater and Concerts Information

Against the Current (ATC) European Tour www.atcofficial.com

Madilyn Bailey

From being raised in Boyceville, 28-year-old Madilyn Bailey auditioned for America’s Got Talent and made quite an impression on the judges with her singing and songwriting. After receiving four yes’s, Bailey is moving onto the next round and says she will always hold her home state close to her heart. – www.wiproud.com/news/

Over the years, my commentaries have covered artists, even ones people feel were just starting out in their crafts. There have been times I’ve read others POV journalism vs commentary on the podcasts as well.

My experience, just like you, with their talent moved me in ways to express my own unique POV on people and situations. A story would be told here, a video form huzzah presentation on the website at times would be shown there. Yes, Perceptive Readers, we’ve given light-hearted and serious contemplation in LIFE( Spiritually Thinking, Social and Society, Academics, POV, and even Ethics) 

You may want to select all three links here to be aware of the hypothesis in life, and ways to make it better

A. Commentary vs Journalism What is The Difference?

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 C. Why do ethics matter? | Shefali Roy


 D.   Touch It (Orchestral Version) – Ariana Grande (Lyrics) – YouTube

Creative Writing

The Harp of Pleasantries Section 1 Creative Writing Manuscript Phase

It Begins…

The serenity of the sounds flowed into his ears just as many times before… This time his audience, in addition to one uninvited guest, came into his chamber. The clearing of the throat from excellence born began… Lamont knew what was coming next…”I will sing along, I will sing along, for a treat!”

Pausing, “Did I ask for your input?” His fingers gently continued the strokes on the strings.

“I will sing along, the air is sweet and the land is pure, la la la.”

Lamont, without missing a note continued playing, “How about I give you a treat to be quiet?”

“That will work, that will work,” the (uninvited) guest responded.

Lamont reached into his right wool shirt pocket; as he pulled out a red treat of liquorice between his right index and middle fingers, his guest flew over and landed onto his right shoulder. 

“Now what do you say, Route’?”

Route’ stretching out his neck at an angle as if to see if there are any more treats in Lamont’s pocket, “Thank you.”

Route’ quickly swooped in one flap of his wings snatched the liquorice out of Lamont’s hand and few right back out of the chamber.

There are several collected instruments all around this chamber which soothes the soul in the evenings, and places pep in your step in the ballroom.
This chamber room is the favorite of friends and visitors alike. “Everyone should have a special place like this,” Lamont tells the company; then he says,” Be careful how you touch the instruments in here.”

Walking over to the edge of the piano, he places the Lyre size harp in its strong glass protective enclosure built into the library wall. As he steps back, there is an “exhale” as he just stares at the holding area for his most prized gift. One of the strings were missing from this specially designed 4 stringed harp. 

“Who needs 10, 22, or even 47 strings,” Lamont nodded his head up and down, “when you have a magnificent instrument like this.”

“Bark!” Angel agreed.

“Angel, just how old it is, I don’t know, but not just any string can be used to restore the unique sounds it creates in its zenith ability.

“Bark!” Angel also let out a whine.

It is a warm day outside. In this location of the world, it is the beautiful norm. Different types of birds come through all the time, Lamont finished his thoughts in a whisper tone, “But who can say, they have a Route’?”

“Crackle! Did I hear my name for another treat? For another treat?” Came from the other room.

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Have A Wonderful August 2021

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