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From Ethics Matter to Your Mind Little One

Greetings everyone. I hope your mind has learned new things (ethics matter). With those new things, it is always hoped that we apply them to the best of our ability.

My Mind Ethics Matter to Your Mind Little One

Yes, there are moments when you wish certain things just aren’t so; and it does not mean you are ungrateful. Are you one of those persons who feel sadden by someone else suffering from injustice?
And you know it is partially because they do not know how to make a defense for themselves.

You little ones with your gentle heart just say a kind word or sing them a sweet song even and know that the ones who are babes (in understanding & awareness) to twisted machination or forked speech will be saved at times from it.

Ethics Matter

Quick Highschool Thought

Can you help someone today who you know will appreciate a kind word from you? The little things in life can play a big part of encouragement in someone’s day. I’m sure you appreciate this; now don’t you?

Keep measuring out good works while you have the energy; and use wisdom when you don’t. As the saying goes “Work smarter and not harder.”

Have a pleasant day in your heart and mind.

Very Warm Regards, J.L. Minds Location

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