Friendly letter writing a lost art

This article was originally published Aug 12, 2019

Friendly letter writing is it a lost art? Friend being the key word. This type of letter has a different tone from a business or professional inquiry letter.

Because of your familiarity with the subject, this type of letter is written with a relaxed or less formal tone. You can appreciate the expression, “I let my hair down” when talking with this person. In friendly letter writing, your heartfelt thoughts give a depth of feeling that is quite okay!

Sentences like ‘I’m happy because you are happy’ carry more weight in friendly letter writing with someone you’ve known for years than it does with initial professional inquiry letters.

It is the history involved between you two or more that motivates such letters to be written just to say at times, ‘I was thinking about you.’

In a relaxed mode with a cup of coffee or tea, and watch the emotional expressions fly free!

Words like happy, wonderful, you mean a lot, beautiful soul, and that apple pie was out of this world; are all such friendly letter writing experiences you just will not see in your everyday type of business/professional correspondence.

So here is the take away. Professional letters are formal letters, while friendly letters are much less in formalities.

For example, in professional inquiry, you are giving or asking who, what, when, and why?

In friendly letters you may just relate, “Guuurrrllll or Boooyyyeeee you are so crazy! I had a super time with you my super friend!”

Hence, whatever is on your heart, whether it is gratitude or relating happy news in a letter to a friend of the same spirit in common, then such a letter is not only understood, but welcomed.

When was the last time you wrote a friendly letter? Recently, you say? Well, I hope this thoughtful form of communication stays with you forever. – Kind regards Me

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