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Fate Faith Poetry

The  Fate Faith Poetry is an original poem by the  author of the Product of Culture website.

Fate Faith Poetry

Knowing it was told to me
From a pod it destiny to be

Been told that all before
What makes you so sure

The thought and actions matches with the purpose

Yet today you are informed of only needing one

The passive can be overridden by the other action

Born into a state
Action negate
Transformation occurs

Being destined to amount to nothing
Confident clarity will rebirth into something



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Revisiting an Archived technology knowledge excerpt:

“Passwords should incorporate using letters like the capital “A” and the lowercase “a,” in addition to having numbers (12) and symbols (&@).

When it comes to financial institutions and setting up accounts where monetary transactions will take place, a good rule is to follow the institution’s suggestion for password creation and then go above the suggestion. If the institution suggests a minimum length of eight to twelve characters, then think up a phrase that will go beyond the minimum requirements.”

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