Fall Season is here

Originally posted Sept 24, 2019

Yes, Perceptive Readers, the fall season (September 23 to November 30) has arrived.

Let us take a few moments here is autumn to say, “where did the time fly?”
All you K-12 students are considering a lot of things this year, especially the class of 2020. Below are just a few things to ponder over that are also placed on the thinking minds page of this website for the week.

Thinking Minds Week of September 22, 2019

The season of fall means summer has ended, the harvest season due and almost complete. Take the time to meditate with all the things you did and learned over the summer. I know for a fact some of you will say, I did nothin’ . Students let me share now, enjoy those months break of recuperation when you are young. You Thinking Minds and body will thank you for it by feeling good. Make sure to eat fruits with vitamin C throughout the school year; will you?

Here at the Product of Culture website I wish you well and much success this school year academically. Do your best on those core subjects like math and grammar in your native language. You do well in those things and learning a different language will come easier to you.

Perceptive Readers Videos
One more thought, there are Perceptive Readers podcasts video presentations yet to be made for you who enjoy this type of medium. They will be placed in the presentation page each week they are released. Look for about three or four a month. Yes, you will experience some new and others you have already seen will also be rotated in from time to time. The platforms they are uploaded to first happens mainly to be Bitchute; and once Minds provides instructions or fix the security with their embed code, the videos will also be uploaded there. If you want me to upload them to my Youtube account, be aware it does not show my correct views counts, just let me know.

It is nice having you here and by all means keep dropping by every week. – Kind regards, James