Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues

Facing West Covers Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues

Facing West Covers Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues

Johnny Cash’s music are the songs of deep sorrow. Why have people listened to his music over the years? Some listened because they felt he was singing about their life; a life filled with moral tribulations heating and cooling the metal–the mind and heart.

What do you know about regret?

Are the bars home of mistakes or malicious intent?

Is there redemption to be found outside of the bottle?

Yes, his songs put you into the lives of men with a troubled mind and a heavy brow. All the while desiring a release from the ghosts(people or memories) that haunt him. For some, the nature and rules of the game never change.

People listen not because this life’s experience is one they own, but a desire to get to know the stories of such men who do own it. It is a human condition that in the western lands citizens cross paths with these characters he sings about; in some cases, himself. When in ______ mode, such men are _______ and only the ‘Good Lord’ in his mercy can help them. No one else. All you can do is love and pray for them. Because regrettably, you some times have to  leave them be.

This sister band, Caitlin and Sidney of Facing West, picked a song of regret by Johnny Cash to sing. Folsom Prison Blues is not your average song. Near ones have attested Johnny Cash’s ability to write music that the soul mentally locks away  and sang the way he sung it.

Facing West is not your average songstress group either. Here now is Facing West’s rendition of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues?

Facing West Covers Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues


This acoustic cover of the classic Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues was shot by sister duo Facing West.
Johnny Cash:
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filmed in Denver Colorado (Elev8Music)

Hope you enjoyed  Facing West covering the country legend  Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues. Hold closely the ones you love. Take care

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