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Extended Statements About Technology Reflection

The poem Technology Reflection has for the description on YouTube the following:

This poem is made for those who use technology but have been affected by what some may perceive as the side effects. All the same, for the ones who love to use this tool of technology, it has points in this poetic rhyme you will still appreciate.

The video has been provided for you below.



The additional background information and inspiration behind the poem came because of this noted observance.

There was a woman who was a hard worker. She could write a book on customer service. Wait a minute, she did, but it was not called the book of customer service, it pertained more towards human resources departments and training.

For years, she pursued excellence not because she had to, but because it was in her DNA, so to speak. Yes, she was genuinely a nice and caring person.

As technology advanced, and e-mail really took off so that people stopped faxing, phone calling, and using snail mail to accomplish tasks, people noticed that businesses were becoming more efficient. Oh, how people could accomplish in 1 day what would have normally taken a week or longer to accomplish! This is a good thing, right? “More time off to spend with families and self-edification”, they proclaimed. It became the shiny and fast new thing of efficiency. Yes, people were excited!

In observance, some people started falling behind in this technology driven world not because they were lazy people, but depending on the personcompany they worked for, every day in their e-mail inboxes they received work requests from the ones who would never take a break.

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For example, people started to increase the work load even more. What happens when a CEO of a company seems to never sleep and works 18 or more hours in a day? Imagine what the e-mail inbox looks like for ones who work for them,  but on an 8 to 12 hours work schedule day would look like?

Over time, even the most motivated workers will start to look like they are slacking on the job just because they are working hours that were at one time acceptable and they were still able to spend time with their families and pursue personal and spiritual studies for self-edification. Something would have to give, wouldn’t you say?

Suffice to say, the woman who was adept at using technology like e-mail, office software products and creative technologies, felt it was time to move on to something else. She experienced how if you worked under a person who is a “workaholic” of sorts before technology, then when more facets of technology came on the scene, the way some of the upper managers used it non-stop caused their once award winning and hardworking employees to look like they were now slacking.

In the end, the woman went on to start her own business and yes, she is very much using technology and her business has grown! But keep this in mind. Though there are time periods when she will work past the regular work hours, she remembers not to look down on others when they cannot always keep up. Why?

Because she remembers the days of receiving 18 hours a day technology driven worth of work, 6 days a week, and still being unable to catch up with using her technology driven 12 hours a day, 5 days’ work week. Then  the effect on her as being viewed subpar.

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Now you know why someone like me, who fully appreciate information technology, would write the poem:

“Technology Reflection”

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