Everlasting Taylor Davis Introspection Original

Everlasting Taylor Davis Introspection by a Sage’s Return Pontificating Thoughts

Over the years, if you are like me, there are certain things you learn as fact. It is not negotiable. You have confidence that in time even persons who authentically, or sincerely think you are wrong, will find out, “You were absolutely right.” 

Then is up to them to decide what they will do in honesty and at times humility.

“Everlasting” The original By Taylor Davis 

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Everlast to Everlasting Facts

In my commentaries, I readily will share with you, ‘my thoughts may not be your thoughts’ as to the way a song causes me to feel. The meaning, the sounds, the singing; yes, they can totally place each person in a different frame of mind of thinking.  No judgment here, just stating more facts on the human minds in all sorts of people.  

With that said, the above music video you enjoyed from Taylor Davis’  original “Everlasting,” shares a common denominator for us both; this I have confidence in saying in this article. 

Taylor has mentioned and shown what she believes over the years on Youtube.

Who Gave New Meaning to Everlasting?

The first time some of us heard everlasting, we may have thought about “Everlast” the boxing and clothing line equipment. 

Hey, even though we are not going to be talking about the boxing equipment; the word “everlasting” still delivers a one two punch, if you will; when you see and hear who spoke about it, and where and when to boot.

Who Spoke about it? Answer: Jesus Christ

Where did Jesus speak about it? Answer: John 17:3 inside the Holy Bible. 

I encourage you to read John 17:3 in several translations. Here are the words and essence you will digest: “Now this is eternal (everlasting) life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.”

You see, when Jesus spoke to his disciples and crowds, he intimated to them, “You listen (learn and apply to the best of your ability) to me and my Father; and the True God will grant you the gift of living forever.  Yes, trillions and trillions of years beyond time; in other words, forever and you will never die. 

Some bring up the fact, “There have already been millions of people who believed in Jesus and they died over the years, including my love ones; so what in the world; or out of this world; are you talking about?”

Answer:  This is why we have to talk about the when and where. You are asking about a time in the future; at least for the people who will be brought back to life on this earth. 

If you believe that Jesus did powerful healing miracles while on the earth, then the True (Jehovah) God powerfully healed and brought Jesus back to life; then what makes you feel he wouldn’t do the same for you?

Let me ask you again, “ What makes you feel Jehovah and Jesus wouldn’t do the same for you?” 

Truly I tell you today, John 17:3 says he will for you Little Hearts

Have a wonderful day. James Lynch ( Writer and Podcaster) 1 Corinthians  15: 12- 20