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Dynamic Music of Facing West Caitlin and Sidney

Article updated with Facing West’s 2016-2017 videos

The Dynamic Music of Facing West Caitlin and Sidney! These two will take you by surprise. How? Well, since the word west is in this group’s name, I feel the necessity to say first: “Hold your horses for a moment.”

We will have the question of “how” answered by highlighting a few of their videos and by their thoughtful statements.

Oh, and thank you for allowing me to mention “Hold your horses,” an old western idiom.

Caitlin & Sidney, according to my ears, genre involves country, pop and folk. Please allow me to explain to you that if you are a person who only likes one type genre of music, you will expand your tuneful listening ears to their euphonious words in the genres they sing; including country.

Shall we now begin with Caitlin & Sidney’s video introduction?

Caitlin & Sidney’s Video Introduction


Colorado recording artists & teen sisters Caitlin & Sidney are putting their twist on Pop, Americana, and New Country.  Over the summer of 2015, they had the opportunity to play over 50 festivals including the support of artists Trace Adkins, Keith Urban, Thompson Square, Parmalee and more at CountryJam and Headwaters. Recently the have entered into a relationship with October Night Music Group, working with renown producer Luke Wooten (producer for Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, Kellie Pickler, Dustin Lynch and more) and collaborating with Fifgen Films on a series of music videos for release on Youtube and Patreon. -facingwestmusic.com


Facing West’s Social Media Presence

They have more than 10,000 people who like their Facebook page. Over 11,000 Twitter Users are interested in receiving tweeted messages from them.  And with a YouTube channel of more than 2,047 subscribers and over 224,687 views, these stats show Caitlin & Sidney of Facing West are serious about their music. Audiences of all ages take them as the real deal in the first quarter of their musical lives


Facing West Caitlin and Sidney—Who are they?

Caitlin and Sidney the YouTube introduction video made by you is very helpful; however, please tell us more about Caitlin and Sidney? Did your parents name you after a family member, friend, or some additional reasons?

Caitlin is the older of the sisters, a natural leader that loves to plan and has a vein of perfection in her projects.  Sidney, who recently turned fourteen, is the younger of the two.  She is strong willed and can play anything with strings.

No special reason around the names.

You are skilled in playing more than one instrument. They all make beautiful sounds. However, is there an instrument you love the sound of more than others?

Caitlin has played a few different guitars over the years but has settled on her love for the rich tones of rosewood in her Martin (so much she owns two). Sidney favors the brighter tones of the Taylor brand, but she says her instruments are like her children and it feels wrong to pick a favorite.

You are also very adept at using the social networks to promote your music.  Do you have any views or advice on how to represent a product or brand name?

We originally focused our early social media efforts on Facebook and recently started working hard to develop our YouTube channel.  We believe people will want quality content, and we are concentrating on building a solid base of some of our originals songs, favorite covers and a variety of mashups.

We wanted to do this in advance of engaging on Twitter and Instagram so that people could get a good feel for us as musicians and people. This approach should allow people that are interested to dig through our content and find something that shows variety with a consistent feel.

We like to write songs that tell stories consistent with our life as the young people we are.  As far as our selection of covers, we usually just try and make sure the lyrics are positive and clean, then we strip them down, usually have to change the key and then make them acoustic (which is kinda our thing!)

Do you have any other hobbies besides music?

We both have an insatiable appetite for books!  We have 4 pets (split equally between dogs & cats) and love to hike the Rocky Mountains with our dogs in the summer.  Both of us have been snowboarding since our first ski trip in 2005 and regularly ride on one of the many different Vail Resorts.

Who is more outgoing or gregarious of the two?

Caitlin has the more serious side and Sidney always seems to be a little more spontaneous but neither shy’s away from the spotlight or a moment to tell a joke or prank someone.

How long would you like to pursue making music?

Making music is now in our veins.  It is how we are able to effectively express our feelings about life.  Outside of poetry and painting I can’t think of anything else that can allow you to express yourself and punctuate a moment in time like a song.

We see it when an old tune comes on from our parent’s childhood and they start laughing and sharing a story about where they were “that summer’’.  With all that said we both agree music will always be a pursuit and passion for the two of us.



What effect would you like for your music to have on the world?

We desire to write a few of “those albums” that one day would be a fuse to light up memories for someone like it does for my parents.

To write songs with lyrics that touch someone deep inside and that may help them express feelings that they may shy away from expressing.  We also want to have a bunch of positive songs that are just fun to play at our live shows, something full of hope!

You both interact with a variety of people, is there one question you never get tired of answering?

Favorite Question:  Maybe “Who would survive longer in the zombie apocalypse??”  Just joking!  We love to talk about how Facing West got started.  We didn’t always get along but a couple of years ago our mom asked for a duet cover for Christmas.

We fought our way through it (almost killing each other in the process) and the rest is history.  We get along like a solid seventy percent of the time now (hahaha)! PS.  Caitlin believes she would survive longer in the zombie apocalypse but don’t tell Sidney (we wouldn’t want to break her spirit).

Facing West Caitlin and Sidney Website

Thank you, Caitlin & Sidney, for answering the questions.  This helps everyone to know you both can sing, are nice, and tough (zombie apocalypse reference) young ladies. They are a dynamic duo whose music will continue to stir up arenas and event centers! I’m sure my sentiments are echoed by many others by saying, “We wish you the very best of success with music and in life!”

Readers, for more information, why don’t y’all (really liking the idioms today) go over to the Facing West Caitlin and Sidney website and check out what is new! Hope you have a wonderful morning, good afternoon, and a restful night.

Facing West Official


Facing West Caitlin and Sidney Patreon Page.

The Dynamic Music of Facing West Caitlin and Sidney!


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