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DOWN – MARIAN HILL Jazzing Cover Team Up By Kurt Schneider and Kina Grannis

DOWN – MARIAN HILL Jazzing Cover Teamup Kurt Schneider and  Kina Grannis. 

“More talent, more creativeness, and more music appear to be Kurt Schneider’s call sign if you will!” Of course, you heard me say this before, and bear with me; you probably will hear me say this a few more times.
In this KHS COLLABORATION, Kurt looks in his decorated cabinet of music recipes to produce this cover of Marian Hill’s Down. It is no surprise he placed a saxophone (Peppers and ragù) with Kina Grannis (Secrete Songstress Sauce) in the mix. The atmosphere, Kurt’s pianist skill, and the whole band! It can cause a connoisseur’s taste in Jazz music to desire a glass of wine in the early morning hours with this top-ratings entree. (At least wait until after lunch, okay?)

DOWN – MARIAN HILL Jazzing Teamup Kurt Schneider and  Kina Grannis (Music Cover)


Hearing How They come up with Ideas

Kurt and Kina have teamed up enough where it is now to the point you may think (IMHO) they can complete each other’s creative thoughts when brainstorming a musical video production. Just take a look at this website’s article highlighting the CTV News (Canada) Channel interview with Kina Grannis and Kurt Schneider.


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